The FIP Manual is issued under the authority of the FIP policy and applies to meeting the Canadian definition of recycled fine paper as found in Environment Canada’s National Guideline number ECP 08 89, une alarme. Alarme Ecp Automotivo Manual Alarme Residencial · Antenas e Acessorios · Automotivo · Baterias e Carregadores · Cancelas Rossi · Cerca. All references in this manual for number of zones . module, and the ECP Communications Device. 6. .. “manual bypasses” and will not be unbypassed upon.

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They can be used in most popular publishing software applications e. Key to developing graphic standards is the design brief that defines the project. Managing a system includes keeping information current and removing signs with messages that are obsolete or redundant.

This is the first sign that identifies a federal facility and bears the signature and the wordmark.

To indicate that the organization has a secondary role, the code is shown in parenthesis. Guidance for other fields of application is provided in the appropriate section of this manual.

However, once a method has been chosen, it should be applied consistently throughout e. The formats have been designed to project a consistent visual image of the government and, where applicable, to conform to the Canada Postal Standards.

These rules were prepared in consultation with the Translation Bureau, Department of the Secretary of State of Canada.

Federal Identity Program Manual

Generally, safety markings consist of chevron or similar striping at the rear of the vehicle, and may include horizontal stripes on both sides of the vehicle. The Coat of Arms is centred in that space Fig.

Each institution is responsible for the procurement of its signatures and will find it convenient to maintain a supply of signatures in the sizes and weights commonly needed; any requirements from within the institution or by suppliers e.


Another method consists of a graphic device that has a distinct relationship with the markings e. In view of different practices and requirements, these guidelines do not include specifications for such markings.

The markings apply to all government owned or leased on-road vehicles, with the exception of vehicles on short-term leases and those that have been exempted see below. The type sizes referred to in the specifications should be used relative to the size of the dcp i. This folded card serves a dual purpose, i. Internationally, the Program is well recognized among corporate identity and design consultants.

To rectify this situation and to improve communications, the Treasury Board Secretariat was charged with developing a comprehensive sign system as part of the Federal Identity Program.

Several factors make sign communications distinct from most other media.

Signage was previously a mandatory common service, provided by Supply and Services Canada. In developing an identity one must examine the institution’s past, its present situation and where it wants to be. These envelopes are rectangular in profile and may be used for mailing large size documents. The order by the official languages in the signature is determined by the language of the text used on each side Fig.

The length of titles or alrme number of levels to be identified are additional factors that affect a decision to link or to space out titles Fig.

Generally defined as a management technique for communicating an organization’s unique characteristics in a memorable manner, corporate identity is based on the premise that key publics must perceive an organization clearly and accurately if management objectives are to be achieved.

One problem of providing too many signs is that it creates too many reference points and, thus, diminishes essential information.

  1608KL 05W B39 PDF

When used for such purposes, it is recommended that no more than six colours be employed and that colour codes be applied in conjunction with other means, e. The revised FIP Aalarme section 2.

Federal Identity Program Manual –

The following list is intended to promote consistent terminology in both official languages. It may be required to indicate distance or direction to a facility that is located manuwl the main thoroughfare or farther along the road.

To assist users of this manual in developing an English and French version of an address, the terms most commonly used have been included in Appendix A of this section. The standard sizes measured by their x-height are designated as follows:. Much of the effectiveness of a sign depends on the formulation of the message.

The bilingual title appears on either side of the Coat of Arms. The relationship between corporate and service identification should be evaluated.


In the latter case initial capitals are used not only for the first word but also for all other words except articles a, an, theprepositions, and conjunctions. There are cases where a lessor provides directional signs as a tenant service.

For example, when an estimated 5, organizations have titles ec; with the word “Canadian”, it is evident that recognition can be difficult. In English usage, the rules for capitalization within prose passages differ from those for titles, headings or inscriptions. The choice between black or white is based on the best contrast that can be obtained.