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That, despite official speeches, the UNFCC Conference in Paris has been incapable of finding a route to efficiently and urgently confronting the devastating consequences of climate change, because, among other reasons, it allows polluters to continue using fossil fuels and enables the corporate assault on renewable energy.

Era esa ley la que la iniciativa ecosocialidmo presentada ahora buscaba complementar.

Final Manifesto: Third International Socialist Encounter – Systemic Alternatives

Further, the ecological crisis is not an incidental problem, but an essential one that is affecting many societal issues: Present to government institutions legislative proposals that favor the necessary ecosocialist transitions. Meanwhile, a majority of the inhabitants of the planet can only dream of attaining the same level of material comfort that we have. This would be possible only after radical changes in our lifestyles, forms of production, urban design, and organization of territories.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Recomendar en Facebook 1. A central objective of these three Ecosocialist Encounters has been to offer both arenas a broad and diverse audience in which labor unions have played a central role.

We need a society that focuses on recovering an equilibrium with the biosphere by using research, technology, culture, economy, and politics to advance towards this end. Doing nothing, or too little, will lead us directly to social, economic, and ecological collapse.


Esperamos que no lo hagan sobre el Poder Judicial. Todas las actividades necesitan licencia social. De ello hablan en esta entrevista los autores de este libro preocupante. Claro que hay otros ejemplos recientes: Dominio de los recursos naturales: Esto es defendido por grandes lobbystas que instalan mitos, uno de ellos es que no hay otra salida.

We face a transformation akin to major historical events such as the neolithic revolution and the industrial revolution. First, it ignores the fact that, like all other living species, we obtain the things we need in order to live from nature; second, it obscures the fact that our survival depends greatly on the care and time we receive from others from the moment we are born up until death.

It is impossible to analyze from the point of view of money activities such as photosynthesis, natural cycles like the water or carbon cycle, all the tasks associated with reproduction and human care.

Debe entenderse que la lucha en los territorios urbanos es por sus codiciados espacios. Ambos son miembros de Plataforma Resulta insostenible pregonar la defensa de los bienes comunes y el medio ambiente y apoyar este proyecto que los privatiza y degrada. Por otra parte, hay que preguntarse: La mina de La Alumbrera en Catamarca usa litros por segundo.

The window of opportunity is closing. But this is old news.

The Manifesto (English)

Todo esto sin contar el impacto ambiental que significa seguir cementando la gran urbe. That public authorities should promote socially necessary sectors, such as those that are linked to energy rehabilitation for buildings, renewable energies, public transportation, agroecology, community services related to citizens and free time, health, manigiesto education.

Bilbao, 25 September Signing groups: This is the only way they will be able to design sound proposals for durable social change. That capitalism has been developed despite and in the face of the two basic dependencies that make human life possible. Promote the creation of an international ecosocialist network, linked to platforms such as Via Campesina, Plan B for Europe… or movements in favor of climate justice, or human rights for all peoples, without distinctions or categories… Promote exchange and collaboration among different social and political agents that work in the area of ecological urgency and social emergency, to seek popular majorities in favor of a change of model.


Eso la gente en La Rioja lo tiene claro. Las obras del Metrobus han quitado, han eliminado las plazoletas centrales, sobre todo las que estaban en los dos extremos, tanto en el Sur por San Juan, como en el extremo norte a la altura de Arroyo.

Crisis civilizatoria y ecosocialismo

In this sense, old Keynesian policies are far from adequate. Lee nuestro aviso legal y normas antes de participar en el blog con tus comentarios. Por otro lado, la influencia cada vez mayor de EE.

The most lucid researchers and scientists have been warning since the s that if humans were to maintain manifiesti current trends of growth economic, demographic, resource use, pollution and increase in inequalitythe most probable outcome during the 21st century is the collapse of civilization. At this point, any new cycle of expansion is unfeasible: