MALEFIC TIME: SOUM [Luis Royo; Rómulo Royo; Kenny Ruiz] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. MALEFIC TIME: SOUM. Malefic Time: Soum (Spanish Edition) – Kindle edition by Luis Royo, Rómulo Royo, Kenny Ruiz. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones. Malefic Time has 19 ratings and 0 reviews. Esperadísimo spin-off sobre Soum, uno de los personajes más carismáticos de Malefic Time, de mano del genial.

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All part sokm a puzzle about the final judgment. The protagonist Luz travels through the universe of Malefic Time and meets different people, allies, enemies and their way of surviving in this broken world. Oscar rated it did not like it Oct 27, The narrative time is set in the year Did you know that Luz instead of talking sometimes just growls?

Media franchises Fantasy graphic novels Spanish graphic novels. The first indications of their existence are dated back in the Sumerian mythology cradle of human civilization and then extends, altered, contaminated, adapted to all forms of religion in the ancient Mediterranean and soon after to other societies of the world.

Dony Grayman rated it liked it Oct 15, She wears some amlefic of body or threadbare suit, very tight, which reveals shoulders and thighs. Books by Kenny Ruiz. I said Soum has slanted eyes, is agile and alert as a squirrel… well, let Soum come another night with us. Without Luz, Malefic can not fulfill its purpose. Soum left the brotherhood for lack of faith in their cause, of guiding the Full Moon to her uncertain fate. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

At the same time, they are double-edged daggers, of various shapes and sizes. La mesilla de noche Blog rated it really liked it Apr 20, Both groups represent a radically different vision of understanding existence, maleric only human, and the values on which the existence must be sustained.

Malefic Time video | Romulo Royo

Septima Snape rated it really liked it Jun 20, Will be a dream of light. Her real name is Luz.


Both positions represent two diametrical ways of understanding existence with the following association, among others, these inherent values:. National and international structures no longer exist.

I do want to keep opening doors, although some affright me, although sou, bend me and I fell on the floor. It is a broken character built on the bipolarity between her power, determination, great resolute and combat skills, and her apparent role in the future destiny against the huge fragility supposed by the doubts, questions, and frequent states of obsession, disease, collapse and trance.

Malfic added it May 19, The blade is wide and bright, of great length. To ask other readers questions about Malefic Timeplease sign up. Malefic is the protagonist, all the plot consists of her development and in the search for her identity.

In her self-imposed solitude she managed to put together the pieces and accept her fate, after which she traveled to New York to seek the thirteenth.

The grip is completed with eight snakeheads, symbols of wisdom. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Male fertility and fecundity of the Great Goddess. These days, I know the Stains have walked also one of his corridors, a rich one, because his eyes sparkle in front of his work, and I am convinced gime Hats has also opened a door that has uploaded his energies. An uprising against the oppression of the laws and regulations that govern the world.

The pommel is a skeleton beast head, whose front two horns bent spiral arise, like of the ram. In malefoc dilapidated warehouse where malwfic lives there are hundreds of spum and papers that she brings from her walks through the city libraries, all of them with apocalyptic themes, Romanesque paintings books, books of Masonswitchcraftalchemynotes maefic prophets and seers, oriental writings, Aztec and African art, reproductions of paintings from ancient times, Greek mythology or Egyptian hieroglyphics studies.

Malefic Time Series

Un volumen ideal para iniciarse en este universo o para seguir desgranando sus intrigantes claves. He is the symbol of the Masculine, the Sun and the Authority. It was then in when Celestials and The Fallen showed openly to the world. The only serenity I do envy is the one of the young man that sits on a stone and watch the horizon, years pass and still sitting on the same stone, its beard grows, he grows old and watch the horizon from the same stone, he has never turned his face and his gaze is fixed on the horizon, I envy him.


How much I miss those halls and those sweet doors each time harder to encounter with. The initial conflict, represented biblically with angel Lucifer’s rebellion against God establishes an unbridgeable rift between these two positions that have continued settling their disputes over human existence.

Soum | Malefic Time – Luis Royo & Romulo Royo

The body of the grip is composed of a human skeleton on a cross, taking its body the handle and fitting open arms on the garrison. In the pommel of Malefic represents the masculine principle joining the feminine principle. This isand everyone has in mind that it is the end of an era. These creatures of immense power have been influencing, manipulating us and waging a war in which each side tries to crush the other. It is a sword made up of many parts, a single artifact in which each part keeps its own symbolism.

I have a childish defense to this, maybe is good to say it in case anyone are in my mood, I think about the whole next year expecting me and I say: It is set in a post apocalyptic world that mixes reality led to the decay of the society with real manifestations of mythological beliefs and superstitions of different cultures.

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