by Joël de Rosnay . Let us use the macroscope to direct a new look at nature, society, and man observes in the macroscope the organism that shelters it. Joël de Rosnay, (born 12 June ) is Docteur ès Sciences and scientific writer, presently On these subjects, he wrote: “Le Macroscope” (), “Les Chemins de la Vie” (The paths of life) () and “Le Cerveau Planétaire” (The planetary. Editions du Seuil, The complete book on a “The Macroscope” by Joël de Rosnay – Old but very good.

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To understand better these properties and to anticipate better its behavior. The cell, however, is in dynamic equilibrium with its environment.

There are flows of money salaries in dollars per monthfinished products number of cars coming off the assembly line by the day or the monthpeople number of travelers per hourinformation so many bits of information per microsecond in a computer. Birth of a Global Vision 2. A decrease in the food quota macroscooe person leads to famine and eventually an increase in mortality. The user can test different hypotheses without running the risk of destroying the system under study-a particularly important advantage in the case of living systems or those that are fragile or very costly.

Romain rated it it was amazing Jul 07, The reservoir of industrial capital factories, machines, vehicles, equipment is filled through investment and emptied through depreciation, obsolescence, and wear and tear on machines and equipment.

Three examples will serve to explain the relationships between flow variables and state variables and will clarify several of the ways in which they act at the different levels of a complex system. This static state, closed to the environment, allows no resistance to change within its milieu: On the other hand, a balance of flow results from the adjustment of the speeds of two or more flows crossing a measuring device. Two factors are important: Consider two examples related to inventory and cash management.

This type of memory for which Forrester still holds all major patents is in the process of being replaced by semiconductor memories. Theirs is the universe of the homogeneous, the isotope, the additive, and the linear; it is the world of “perfect” gases, of “reversible” reactions, of “perfect” competition. In illustrating a new current of thought, it is often useful to follow a thread.


The Macroscope: A New World Scientific System, by Joel de Rosnay et al. | The Online Books Page

Mcroscope is used today in many areas, thanks to the development of more powerful yet simpler simulation language and new interactive means of communication with the computer graphic output on cathode ray tubes, high-speed plotters, input light pens, computer-generated animated films. It was born in the course of the last thirty years from the cross-fertilization of several disciplines- biology, information theory, cybernetics, and systems theory.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. One of the most common cash problems for small businesses results from the time lag between the booking of orders, billing, and the receipt of payment. Their symbolic representation is that of a valve or a faucet superimposed on a maacroscope of flow Fig.

“The Macroscope” by Joël de Rosnay, a book on the systems approach http://pespm | Hacker News

Flows of energy and materials raise or lower the levels in the reservoirs. One could illustrate the concept of complexity with several points. It is not to be considered a “science,” a “theory,” or a “discipline,” but a new methodology that makes possible the collection and organization of accumulated knowledge in order to increase the efficiency of our actions. Yet no definition of the word system can be entirely satisfying; it is the conception of system that is fertile-if one measures its extent and its limits.

Its concepts have been shaped in the image of a “solid” conservation of form preservation of volume, effects of force, spatial relations, hardness, solidity. Sense of timing allows the best possible use of the internal energy of a complex system-rather than to have to impose instructions from outside against which the system will react.

But all action requires time. The contribution of the computer rests at a qualitative level. Equations corresponding to various state and flow variables can be programmed on a computer in order to verify the validity of certain hypotheses: These are eased somewhat by the overdraft privilege that banks grant to some companies. Soon after his arrival there he had become acquainted with the neurophysiologist Arturo Rosenblueth, onetime collaborater of Walter B.

Enzymatic regulation networks show that the entire hierarchy of levels of complexity intervene in the reestablishment of balance recall the example of the service station on page There are of course other men, other research teams, other universities-in the United States as well as in the rest of the world-that have contributed to the advance of cybernetics and system theory.


The hierarchy of disciplines established in the nineteenth century, from the “most noble” sciences mathematics and physics to the “least noble” the sciences of man and societycontinues to weigh heavily on our approach to nature and our vision of the world.

A rosnnay actually has detectors and comparators that enable it to detect signals from within or without and to compare the signals to equilibrium values. The symbolic representation of a reservoir is a simple rectangle. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. It evolves through a complementary process of total or partial disorganization and reorganization. Variety permits a wider range of response to potential forms of aggression from the environment.

In either case a positive feedback loop left to itself can lead only to the destruction of the system, through explosion or through the blocking of all its functions.


Finally, simulation is a new aid to decision making. Antonio Jorge rated it it was amazing Aug 19, Every mental image is a fuzzy, incomplete model that serves as a basis for decision.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. To accomplish this he establishes feedback loops to the decision centers. In this famous melting pot, ideas boiled. It relies on a model established on the basis of previous analysis. Interaction between user and model develops a feeling of the effect of interdependencies and makes it possible to anticipate better the reactions of the models.

At the very moment that man discovered the simplest elements of matter and life, he tried, with the help of the famous metaphors of the “clock,” the “machine,” the “living organism,” to understand better the interactions between these elements. Delays have an important role in the phenomena of amplification or inhibition that are typical of the behavior of complex systems.