AUTUMN JOURNAL by the same author THE EARTH COMPELS OUT OF THE PICTURE POEMS AUTUMN JOURNAL a poem by LOUIS MACNEICE Faber and . 8 quotes from Autumn Journal: ‘September has come, it is hersWhose vitality leaps in the autumn,Whose nature prefersTrees without leaves and a fire in. Written between August and December , Autumn Journal is still Louis MacNeice was born in Belfast in , the son of a Church of Ireland rector, later a.

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Eight years back about this time I came to live in this hazy city To work in a building caked with grime Teaching the classics to Midland students; Virgil, Livy, the usual round, Principal parts and the lost digamma; And to hear the prison-like lecture room resound To Homer in a Dudley accent.

The poem opens at last! I loved my love with the wings of angels Dipped in henna, unearthly red, 11 With autumnn office auyumn, with flowers and sirens, With my budget, my latchkey, and my daily bread.

Autumn Journal Quotes

Which it was assumed that they “would always be; On that assumption terms began and ended; And now, in A. And knowledge, besides, should be prized for the sake of knowledge: The Thought Fox Ted Hughes. Little on the plate and nothing in the post; Queue in the rain or try the public 54 Library where the eye may coast Columns of print for a hopeful mscneice.

And for a thousand years they went on talking. The poem’s first edition. And was stamped forever as a person of intelligence and culture. Or stepping into a fresh-filled bath with strata Of cold water and hot?


Autumn Journal Quotes by Louis MacNeice

South as I go north. In his prefatory note he writes: Of every tired aubade and maudlin madrigal.

MacNeice is feeling the cost this time, or feeling for it: Sing us no more idylls, no more pastorals, No more epics of the English earth 5 The country is a dwindling annexe to the factory, Squalid as an after-birth. In a week I return to work, lecturing, coaching, As impresario of the Ancient Greeks Who wore the chiton and lived on fish and olives And talked philosophy or smut in cliques; Who believed in youth and did not gloze the unpleasant Consequences of age; What is life, one said, or what is pleasant Once you have turned the page Of love?

Anyone beside or below me; only above.

A smell of French bread in Charlotte Street, a rustle. And underneath the sky-signs. The smoke has gone from the chimney, The water has flowed awa y under the bridge, The silhouetted lovers have left the ridge, The flower has closed its mcneice. And how one can imagine oneself among them.

Autumn Journal – Irish poem | Ireland Calling

The bombs in the turnip sack, the sniper from the roof, Griffith, Connolly, Collins, where have they brought us?

And blows apart their complexes and cares.

This little jounral has a fetish. And so we jettisoned all Our childish fantasies and anarchism ; The weak must go to the wall But strength implies the system; You must lose your soul to be strong, you cannot stand Alone on your own auutumn or your own ideas; The order of the day is complete conformity and An automatic complacence.

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Black-out practice and A. I wonder now whether anything is worth. Return to Book Page. And the standard of living was low But that, we thought to ourselves, was not our business; All that the tripper wants is the status quo Cut and dried for trippers.

Who could ask for anything more? He insists that, whatever our doubts and however desperate, we must remain true to a moral core, but he does not pretend to show us what it is. And you with whom I shared an idyll Five years long, Sleep beyond the Atlantic And wake to a glitter of dew and to bird-song. In Tottenham Court road the tarts and negroes.

Autumn Journal

Let the old Muse loosen her stays. I was writing it from August until the New Year and have not altered any passages relating to public events in the light of what happened after the time of writing. Come autum, they said, into Macedonia and help us But the chance is gone; Now we must help ourselves, we can leave the vulture To pick the corpses clean in Macedon.

I have thrown away the roots of will and conscience.

The steaks were tender, the films were fun, The walls were striped like a Russian ballet, 53 C There were lots of things undone But nobody cared, for the days were early.