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MT2 label should be at the top and MT1 label at the bottom side with the gate.

IIRC the description of the test circuit has an error: I just tested it on an actual part. This is another approach for testing a triac. How to test a triac. First put the multimeter selector switch in a high resistance mode say Kthen connect the positive lead of multimeter to the MT1 terminal of triac and negative lead datashert the MT2 terminal of triac there is no problem if you reverse the connection.

If the above tests are positive you can assume that the triac is healthy. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


M10LZ47 – Vdrm=V, Thyristor – Toshiba –

Yes now it is ok and working Mt2 and Mt1 must be reversed otherwise it is not working I was tried many times I would like to thanks all of you for the tips. Great m10lz477 by step instruction. You may also like: Trigger voltage in phase with MT2 at top to allow triac to operate in the first and third quadrants when AC is normally applied.

The lamp must not glow. The multimeter will show a high resistance reading open circuit.

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They datasueet definately different. Almost all type of triacs can be tested using this circuit. Anyway this test is not applicable triacs that require high gate voltage and current for triggering. Now press the push button switch S1. Thanks for pointing out.

How to test an LDR. The multimeter will now show a dataaheet resistance reading indicating the switch ON. A multimeter can be used to test the health of a triac.

Your email address will not be published. If the above tests are positive then we can assume that the triac is healthy.


M10LZ47 Datasheet Toshiba Semiconductor pdf data sheet FREE from

I have test this circuit with a TICM triac. If wired that way it will work correctly. Now put the selector switch to a low resistance mode, connect the MT1 and gate to positive lead and MT2 to negative lead. Thanks for your help!

(PDF) M10LZ47 Datasheet download

The triac test circuit shown is incorrect and will not work as shown. But you cannot trigger the gate by connecting it to the same potential as MT1.

Circuit for testing a triac. Please correct the diagram. The drive must go from MT2 to G. This circuit is nothing but a simple arrangement to demonstrate the elementary action of a triac.

Previous post Next post. Connect triac to the circuit as shown in circuit diagram and switch S2 ON.