To celebrate Avon’s 75th anniversary, we’ve been rereading Lynsay Sands’ A QUICK BITE this month! Over ten years ago, Lynsay told me that. Sexy blond Lissianna Argeneau takes center stage in Sands’s disappointing new entry in her popular Argeneau series (Single White Vampire. Read “A Quick Bite” by Lynsay Sands with Rakuten Kobo. That hot guy tied to Lissianna Argeneau’s bed? He’s not dessert—he’s the main course! Lissianna has.

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Would you like us to take another look at this review? Immortal Ops Books Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping. I bkte care if she was considered extremely young in vampire years. May 30, Dina rated it it was ok Shelves: I am hoping that since this was the first in the series that maybe they get better as you go. In this series View all Book 2. It all kind of petered out though, Seems like I never enjoy these as much as I think I will; I keep hoping for another The Accidental Vampire but no luck so far.

In her acknowledgments section the author mentioned that the book was written out of order, so maybe that’s why it felt off to me. I picked this up expecting a fairly light and funny read along the lines of Katie MacAlister’s Dark Ones series and I have to say for the first couple of chapters I thought that was exactly what I had got but unfortunately the humour got old very fast and I ended up hating most of the characters.

A Quick Bite Summary & Study Guide

She hates the hunt, let alone the dangers of it. A little slow, I started to get a little bored a few times but over all enjoyable. It didn’t make me laugh, it made me sad.

It was like reading a sitcom or some slapstick comedy. View all 4 comments. View a FREE sample. That hot guy tied to Lissianna Argeneau’s bed?


But vampire council has decided to protect their race from discovery and feeding is only allowed with blood of special blood banks execpt for emergency situations.

Honestly I’m not sure how she made it to either, she made so many stupid mistakes when it came to feeding that I stopped counting them but I feel like I spent half the book rolling my eyes at her. Every time she sees blood she faints. A Quick Bite is the first installment in Lynsay Sands ‘s vampire paranormal romance series titled Argeneau.

Lynsay Sands – Books – A Quick Bite

I have wanted to take a bite out of this series wink, wink for years. The Bite Before Christmas. But there’s another, more pressing issue: A Quick Bite from BookRags. Browse all BookRags Study Guides. It was smoothly written, with some potentially good ideas that could have made Quick Bite into a pretty decent read.

Get A Quick Bite from Amazon. I just don’t get it. Lissi, like the rest of the family as well as vampires in general, is very attractive. What I meant by “showing vs telling” was that I want to be shown what the characters look like versus just telling the audience that they’re attractive. I know people will laugh when I say this, but it didn’t feel very believable I know I may talk a little more than is healthy normal about the coming robot quixk.

The plot was silly, the writing was baaaad someone get her a thesaurus! Why does Lissianna and sandw mother get to be fully described as “beautiful creatures” and not Greg or anyone else for that matter? The Argeneau series includes the following installments as of June Greg could appreciate a beautiful woman, and had no problem with them making the best of their appearance, but when they moved on to this level of artifice to try to attract attention, he tended to be turned off.

Sighing inwardly, he shook his head as she continued rattling on, telling him what she had planned for the meal and so on, all in an effort to convince him to attend. The oynsay and heroine have no chemistry, and all the hot and sweaty scenes just left sandds cold. Ugh, I really hate starting a series and not finishing sanes though. Ssnds Simple Rules for Dating a Dragon.


I am fine with vampires being supernatural.

A Quick Bite (Argeneau #1) by Lynsay Sands

However, poorly lhnsay irresponsibly written porn, smut, and sex is where the problem lies. You submitted the following rating and review. Knight of My Dreams. I had to make myself finish it. It should have been the first story in the series, and would have been if I’d had my way, but I don’t always get my way. There were times when she abused the thesaurus and times when her thesaurus collected dust quit with the “mental kicks” and “grimacing” and use different words or don’t use it at all!

I have so many new series to read cos of developing a lybsay for yet another romance genre, but I have to say this will be one of my favourite series if they are all the same as this. It was a light and fun read: It was so completely obvious that the perpetrator might qyick well have been walking around with “I’m a Vampire Hunter” tattooed across their forehead yet Lissianna didn’t once think to question their weird behaviour.

It’s part of the master plan that all robots have! I did, however, note the exceptional twist on vampire mythology – it was one I had never seen before, and would have never come up with. An unsuspected vampire hunter? Yes Lyynsay Thanks for your feedback!