Lunos fans come in a pair and provide continuous heat recovery ventilation without duct work. Operated and wired in groups of 2 or 4, these are installed directly. A LUNOS e2 pair operates in a similar fashion to our lungs, allowing a building to breath in and out providing fresh air to the inhabitants but with the added. Our core competence lies in a controlled domestic ventilation. These customized solutions are required! LUNOS ventilation systems create demand controlled.

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Our proven results expose energy savings and energy losses at every design change. Decentralised Energy Recovery Ventilation Easy installation.

We will email you shortly. WiFi capability for smart technology control. Lunos e2 HRV Ventilation – 2 pair.

I want free shipping! The system is ideal for bathrooms and single room spaces.

Show your clients building performance during design phase. The combination with highly efficient electric motors and an intelligent control has made it possible for LUNOS to develop one of the most economical ventilators.

Decentralised Energy Recovery Ventilation

The units can be installed in areas where ducting may not be able to travel. Lunos fans come in a pair and provide continuous heat recovery ventilation without duct work.


Installation is straight forward with no complicated ducting or centralized units to install, saving time and money. Household activities such as clothes drying, washing, cooking and showering introduce further moisture to the indoor environment.

Measuring surface sound pressure level. Installation Tube can be cut: Mehr informationen finden Sie hier: The so-called AcuVent storage stone is located in the middle of the airflow of an electric motor with axial fan. Adaptability for dual room operation employing flat-duct accessories.

Regulated ventilation with e² with heat recovery

These issues can be easily addressed by intelligent building design, which includes suitable ventilation systems with temperature and humidity controls. The cabling is effected directly from the control which is installed in the appertaining flush mount patters. ,unos the units are independent, in the unlikely event that one unit fails, the other units in the team will have you covered.

Mainstream Corporation – Passive House. Electric Fans 9th Edition. From there only three leads of cable are required which are charged with 12 V extra low voltage. LUNOS e go units work well alone in smaller, wetter areas. lnos

With a total of 16 dB in level 1, Lean The e 2 is the smallest roomwise apartment ventilation device with heat recovery e22 is based on the principle of regenerative heat exchange. In combination with the LUNOtherm facade element only a small slit remains in the window reveal.


Whilst we are unable to install the units for you we are more than happy to assist your preferred electrical or air conditioning contractor. With the help of state-of-the-art manufacturing processes it has been possible to develop a compact heat exchanger from a ceramic composite material which supplies a thermal efficiency factor of approx. A ventilator that just complies with this standard is therefore 16 times as loud.

Includes one transformer VV and controller.

LUNOS Ventilation Systems Ireland | clean and hygienic ventilation

ulnos Step 5 – Fresh Air Systems. Very low power consumption. Automatic or manual close-off damper. Carbon Monoxide, Sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide from heating and cooling Airborne toxins from household cleaners Pollen, dust and dust mites Volatile organic compounds VOCs and formaldehyde emissions from furniture, carpet, finishes and building materials. Degree of efficiency up to Healthy Tiny Home Kits. Highly efficient motors with state-of-the-art electric technology in combination with mechanical-flow, reworked and especially balanced fans have almost eliminated the known ventilation noises.

High-Performance Building Envelope Solutions.