Luisi Myhyv Nua (~??? anos) em Interviu () Nesta cena, Luisi Myhyv tinha ~ ??? anos. Pics. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Clips. * A idade da celebridade durante. Luisi Myhyv nua e vídeos sexy! Descubra mais fotos nuas, vídeos e fitas de sexo da Luisi Myhyv no maior catálogo online Luisi Myhyv Nua em Interviu. Interviu cu violonistul Mircea Dumitrescu Brahms Violinkoncert – Leonidas Kavakos – DRSO – Fabio Luisi – Duration: mugge62 51,

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The conductor is like them. You can rehearse, you can focus on problems or work with sections of the orchestra, but during a concert there is something more you have to have.

During the first rehearsal people were crying. It is where you can work with the best musicians and singers, and it will allow me to compare myself to the best. In the case luiisi Vaccaj, however, everything has been written with to accommodate the voice.

So I am very serious during rehearsal. I came to a point in which I realized that I was not listening to my work, someone else was interpreting my music, and I wanted it done differently. I have high expectations and I am attempting to achieve perfection. Now I am conducting a lot of opera, and I am Italian and so I have a deep knowledge of the Italian language, and the sound of the language, the history of the language, so I feel good in this repertoire. So it was a problem.

I find eroticism everywhere, in food, in tastes, in architecture, in every scent I smell as I walk along the street, and of course, in music, and this has a positive impact upon me. I needed to become a conductor myself.

Of course I am still a not an important conductor, but I am one of the young conductors who conducts a lot, and with some success.

Luisi: “Pipi no me provocó ningún trauma; es más, me dejó muy contenta”

Very erotic for sure. He is the polar star, because his approach to music is completely orgiastic, completely Dionysian, and it is how I came to realize that eroticism exists in music.


Everybody knows it, so it is challenge I must meet, and must win. I mean the right passion — which is not the same as making big gestures, but is a passion for the job itself, a complete devotion to the job, to what you are doing. The conductor only needs to realize this. He reached a level which will be very difficult to reach again, both with the Berlin Philharmonic and at Lucerne.

It is a good place for me to start my career. We had succeeded together, in creating something magical. When I was young, I was always the leader of the group. The second is passion, by which I do not mean over-conducting.

We need to take more risks. It was something magic. Everything is subservient to the human voice.

The first is preparation, because although you can bluff as a conductor, it is clear to music-lovers if you are are doing this. It is very sophisticated. So I would like to start with Mozart, the Italian bel canto, interciu which there are still many jewels to be discovered.

Take a second to support Alan Neilson on Patreon! It is very difficult to sing, and not a lot of people can sing this repertoire, but his way of treating the vocal material is perfect, like Puccini I would say, both sound so natural, which is not always the case in bel canto. The conductor has to create this, and to do it interviuu have to prepare, to study the musical text, because this is where the music lies.

Some of my colleagues seem to prefer working with voices that are like computers, but it inteerviu not for me. Because you have in front of you an orchestra, and the sound arrives physically. I include the rich opera houses in this too because it is not just a business, it makes the world more human.


These are the two stars intrviu remind me that I have a lot of work to do, if I am to reach the same level. Theses are my general ambitions, but my dream is to become a music director in my own country, in Italy, because opera in italy intervlu a change.

Bernstein is the Dionysian part, Kleiber is the Apollonian part. I need to work with living voices, voices that change every night, even intervii the performance. I would say that, at the moment, it is the works of Verdi in which I can do my best. Opera is much more difficult than symphonic music, which is also difficult, but then conducting in general is difficult. He is the complete opposite. And the singers are always first, the conductor is second!

Then there are the Italian conductors, because I must not forget that I am Italian.

Luisi Myhyv nua

I am not very tolerant. You have to believe in yourself, and you must be a leader. I worked with him, lkisi he taught me a lot of secrets, a lot of interesting things about self-analysis and conducting style.

By returning there, I will close the circle. I lived in New York for two and half years, so it remains in my heart. Think of all the people who are suffering, the old, the sick and how much they would love to hear opera. We need to explain that a conductor is a normal person who likes football, cars, went intervju the disco and swimming in the sea.

This is the dream I have for opera in Italy, and if Italy will bet on me, I will be happy. In Italy we grow up with this music, we have it in our blood. Vaccaj was a great composer for voices and everybody studied his vocal methods. There are many different elements involved.