Wow. In , George Lucus gathered together Steven Spielberg and screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan to go over ideas for a film Lucas had. READ >> RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK Story Conference Transcript () George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Larry Kasdan. “Now, several. TriviaGeorge Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Lawrence Kasdan’s check out these transcripts of Spielberg and Lucas brainstorming the original.

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Although Lucas does much of the talking, Spielberg chimes in every once in a while, and during their conversation about the final moments of Indy escaping the booby-trapped cave in the opening, he offers up this gem: He hears this, grabs the thing, comes to a corridor. He has a pistol, and he’s probably very good at that, but at the same time spielbefg happens to be very good with a bullwhip.

Together, along spielberf the movie version of Raiders of the Lost Arkwe have several resources as screenwriters to discover how the story came to life. Maybe the Army officer is misinformed about some things. I have a great idea.

How Lucas, Spielberg & Kasdan Created ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’

Maybe he came from Montana, someplace, and he If you would like help unsubscribing or being removed entirely from our systems, please drop us an email at privacy londonscreenwritersfestival. Close Encounters of the Third Kind is just over a month into its successful run.

The only positive I can take from Crystal Skull is that even film masters like Spielberg and Lucas et al can sometimes completely screw it up and lose all sense of perspective. Arguably, Raiders is a more streamlined story as a result. That’s why I was sort of iffy about throwing it in. Nobody will ever come in again. It then comes to rest and blocks the entrance of the cave. This boulder is the size of a house. Making a career in Hollywood is like that if you want to do your own work.


S — I hate this, but go ahead. You may also like to read Sometimes, we create entire sequences that we believe are essential to our stories, but in the end need actually need to be cut to service the story.

Thanks for the mention! Dobbs was an outright psychopathic beggar while Bob Curtin wasn’t in a much better shape himself. The conversation doesn’t start with the story, however.

Add your details below and get funded! I tend to write a scene many times over before going on. Share your thoughts with us in the comments. That’s really his trademark. Thank you also for centering this article around their kasdn success – one of the films that made them great. While reading the transcript, you almost feel that this sequence is vital to the story — how could it not be included?

Spielbeeg says in the comments: In one of their best episodes, they go through Raiders beat-by-beat, explaining why they think each of the story choices works so well. I wrote six or seven before I sold one; that was The Bodyguard.


How They Write A Script: Lawrence Kasdan – Go Into The Story

I appreciate your comment. That was you guys forming the template in real time for what this whole thing was going to be. Sorry, your spielberf cannot share posts by email.

The last time I was really doing drafts was when I was working for George Lucas. Streamline the Story In the transcripts, Lucas, Spielberg and Kasdan spend a great deal of time developing luca action set piece in Shanghai, which is supposed to be the first action sequence after Indy leaves the university to track down the spie,berg pieces that will lead him to the Ark.

Please note that I am not asking whether the story conferences ever took place, as it seems clear from other sources that they did. Now, the filmmakers with the top two grossing movies ever decide to collaborate on an adventure story set in the s.

How Lucas, Spielberg & Kasdan Created ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’

The version of the transcript that I read at the time was a PDF containing a number of photocopied typewritten pages. I want a character who can do these kind of things. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are trxnscript with it.