The Orthofix Limb Reconstruction System consists of an assembly of clamps ( usually two or three) which can The options for treatment with the LRS System. manipulate limb so that both pairs of bone screws are parallel. Apply LRS rail with standard straight clamps, and tighten clamp locking screws. Spacing screw. ➞. Using the rail fixator from Orthofix as an example (Orthofix LRS, Verona, Italy), these can be summarised as follows: There should be at least.

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No attempt is made to elevate the periosteum. Average duration of treatment was less for humerus mean 6. Nil Conflict of Interest: Limb lengthening can be achieved by bone transport. Joint stiffness was mainly pre-existing before applying LRS. Limb lengthening orthofis callus distraction callotasis J Pediatr Orthop.

In this study the union rate was If centralised across the diameter of the femur, this sets the rail into a position that is the most useful compromise to the curved sagittal profile. Circular and monolateral external fixators are used most commonly, although intramedullary devices are also popular for skeletally mature patients.

X-ray anteroposterior a and lateral view b of thigh at completion of treatment showing fracture has united well c, d clinical photographs showing range of motion. In this case intramedullary nailing was done. These patients are usually operated upon several krthofix for stabilization and healing or to eradicate infection, which in turn produces scarring of the soft tissues and devitalization of any surviving bone. Nearly all of our patients were able to stand and walk with partial weight bearing immediately after LRS application.

This arises because of quadriceps transfixation and tethering of the iliotibial band.

ogthofix Combination with deformity correction Not infrequently, leg length inequality arises in children because of damage to the distal femoral growth plate. Hydroxyapatite-coated pins should be considered mandatory when external fixators are used in lengthening. Once radiological union of fracture site was visualized, 4 weeks were given for the consolidation and at the same time the corticotomy site was assessed.


The average duration of treatment was 9.

Orthofix Limb Reconstruction System. The straight clamp templates have been assembled on the rail. Support Materials Support Materials. Among these failed cases, one presented after 19 years of injury distal one-fourth tibia and underwent multiple earlier procedures. In our patients the outcome of bony consolidation was better than functional results. It is in contrast of study done by Patil et al. A supracondylar osteotomy with acute correction of deformity followed by lengthening corrects both problems.

Management of infected nonunion of long bone: By a combination of feeling the antero-posterior width of the femur using the drill tip and X-ray checks which confirm the tip of the drill bit just abuts the lateral cortexthe surgeon can ensure the drilling passes across the widest diameter of the bone. Rose R, Palmer SW. The technique has evolved over regular use of the device in a busy limb reconstruction unit in Liverpool.

This ensures good control of the middle segment by the spread of the pins. Irrespective of the device used, close adherence to the principles of lengthening by Ilizarov [ 12 ], De Bastiani [ 3 ] and others is important. The osteotome is then advanced across the central portion to divide the far cortex.

This ensures that the lateral aspect of quadriceps including the iliotibial tract is transfixed in flexion Fig. The usual chosen sites of femoral osteotomy for lengthening are metaphyseal regions, often the subtrochanteric or supracondylar areas.

Short stature Bone loss Open fractures Non-union Angu lar deformities Many years of clinical experience have confirmed the efficacy of the device, providing good outcomes for the indications above as well as facilitating improvements over the original surgical technique. The study was approved by ethical committee of our institution.

Complications Complications were classified according to Paley classification as problem, obstacle or true complication. This is a prospective study carried out between April and September A 10—mm wide osteotome is then used to create a complete division of orrthofix lateral half of the circumference of the femur before the blade is advanced across orthofiix diameter of the bone Fig.


West Indian Med J. Not infrequently, leg length inequality arises in children because of damage to the distal femoral growth plate.

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While in case of refracture, which occurred in a case of 4-year-old infected nonunion femur, we were able to control infection and after one year of no signs of infection, intramedullary nailing was done. In theory, it is preferable to place the fixator rail parallel to the mechanical axis so that lengthening does not induce a displacement of this axis.

Ascom appoints Ljubisav Matejevic to lead the Strategic Alliances business. Accordingly, bifocal lengthening should be used judiciously and not for congenital longitudinal deficiency of the orthoix.

Orthofix Limb Reconstruction

Please turn on JavaScript and try again. It is positioned to lie in between the proximal and distal template clamps and is thus a compromise between stability and convenience. Anteroposterior a and lateral view b of leg bones showing infected nonunion left tibia c, d anteroposterior ls lateral views followup X-rays showing union e Clinical photograph showing LRS in place. Should the screw guides slip off bone, especially when the drill tip is withdrawn to allow screw insertion, repeat the flexion manoeuvre and insert the screw with the assistant holding the knee flexed.

The disadvantages of Ilizarov are poor patient compliance, inconvenience of the frame and difficult frame construction. Cannulated drill bits, trocar, hammer, T-wrench, Allen wrenches and torque wrenches. Order of pin insertion It is helpful to insert the most distal pin of the proximal clamp first Fig.

Problem represented difficulties that required no operative intervention to resolve. A growth plate disturbance of the distal left femur causes deformity and length inequality. This case finally underwent for below knee amputation.