Manuals · KHB Photografix. LPL Series 6×7 Enlargers. LPL MX Dichroic Enlarger. (in the USA, Omega/LPL MXL Dichroic). I have an LPL VCCE Multicontrast Enlarger and am in need of some I do not have a manual and my internet searches have proved. which can be found on the back cover of this manual. Information regarding the fitting and changing of light mixing boxes is detailed in the ILFOSPEED.

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Discussion mwnual ‘ Enlarging ‘ started by ToyoMay 22, May 22, 1. Hello everyone – hoping that someone can point me in the right direction.

I do not have a manual and my internet searches have proved fruitless. Any guidance is appreciated. May 22, 2. I have the same enlarger.

May 22, 3. May 22, 4. Different dials, same filters. I use the left one. Let me know if you find a better way to use it. May 22, 5. May 22, 6. I determine exposure time on a test strip at 2.

I get good results that way with little need to dodge and burn.

May 22, 7. May 22, 8.

Jobo LPL 7700 Contrast Settings?

Thanks everyone for the feedback – As for the papers – ,anual Ilford multigrade but I do have some Kodak as well Cheers T. May 22, 9. The numbers are just equivalent to grades.


The head uses a combination of magenta, yellow and cyan filters to try to keep the exposure times equal when you change the grade. Once in a while the filters can get hung up a bit and not move properly when you change the dial.

You can free them up by moving the dial through the full scale and back. Lp have 2 and they both do it sometimes.

May 22, Perhaps you already know this but in case you don’t here is a little history. Before multi-grade was introduced papers were made in fixed grades, low numbers are lower in contrast and high numbers are higher in contrast.

For example grade 2 paper was for some brands normal contrast for use with normal contrast negatives. Grade 0 was a lower contrast paper for use with high contrast negatives. Grade 5 was a high contrast paper for use with low contrast negatives. Low contrast is also sometimes described as manuxl, and high contrast paper is sometimes described as hard.

LPL VCCE Multicontrast Enlarger – Guide for Multigrade Papers | Photography Forums

Few brands now make graded paper, multigrade papers are common and the quality is very good. Not having to buy a box of paper in each size and each grade is a great boon. You have one of the easiest contrast adjustment systems there is, VCCE is really easy to use. Although not part of your question, but because the enlarger is new to you, I would suggest that if it is not equipped with the optional fine focus knob you might look into geting one. It is an option that I have found to be extremely beneficial.


May 23, Hi Toyo, I managed to find mine, new, on ebay, but this was about years ago. You are right, buying new from a dealer is not inexpensive. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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LPL 6×7 Condenser Enlarger Instruction Manual

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