We provide free online pdf manuals for GPS Navigators: Lowrance Endura, iFinder, XOG. xog – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: GPS Expert reveals 28 tricks to get the most out of your Lowrance XOG? new waypoints reduces the chances of making a mistake when manually entering.

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Why won’t my unit say street names like “Main St. All USB-based eTrex no serial-ports. How do I change the local time on the iWAY c? The Directions list left shows every turn you will make while navi- gating to losrance destination. Not every address or street name is present in the NavTeq database. The oxg circuit has built-in battery protection and will stop charging when the temp gets outside of this range.

It just takes a few seconds when you get back to your desk to have ExpertGPS automatically geotag your photos. Press the X and the new waypoint will now be in your address book. When searching for an address, be sure to leave off identifiers like St, Ave, Blvd, Rd, etc. The charging light will be red at the start of the charging process and then turn green when it is completed. Then enter loweance latitude and longitude that you wish for your new address.

  BTA08 600 PDF

Bat- tery charge is probably low at time of purchase.

XOG Unit, Manual, and Accessories Information

Calculate area by tracing over a map or aerial photo. If the LED is lit up, you can use a volt meter to measure voltage coming out of the power cable.

Page 11 Zoom Out to show less detail but a larger area. More information about the MapSelect store can be found on-line using the Help function. The Lowrance XOG can hold 99 routes, each containing up to 99 turns or stops. Majual that WMA files are not supported at this time.

You can even select an entire segment of your GPS track and drag it right back to its correct location on the map! The first time you use XOG you should connect it to power. Change the settings in the interface menu to power off instead of defaulting to stand-by when the power button is pressed. ExpertGPS lets you quickly view, change, or batch-edit your photo metadata.

Change the drive letter of the iWAY C. Calculate area by marking GPS waypoints at the corners of a field or parcel. Or, you can do it for free, using ExpertGPS.

Lowrance XOG Quick Start Manual

Address and phone number information is not provided at this time. My XOG isn’t seen by my computer.

How long should it take to recharge the battery on the iWAY C? Options xof has three pages with settings that con- trol operations and provide additional information.


Enter text from picture: Touch the map screen then touch the second box on the left side to cycle through the display options until the satellite imagery returns.

Map button displays your current position on a moving map, including information on your current route. C lick here for information to reassign the drive letter of the iWAY C. Press the X and janual new waypoint will now be in your address book. ExpertGPS can do it 5x faster!

If the unit will not take a full charge, it should be exchanged. Browse Lowrance XOG tips by category: This function simply removes or adds these on the map display. If not, there is a problem manuzl the power source.

ExpertGPS lets you build up long routes quickly – just click waypoints one-by-one on the map to connect them into a route for your Lowrance XOG. It typically takes 4 hours. ExpertGPS can create geo-referenced waypoints for your report from each photo you took along the way, and attach your photos to each waypoint it creates.

Discover Hidden Lowrance XOG Tricks You’re Missing. 28 Tips From the GPS Experts!

Yes, when using the Trip Calculator. The fuse can be replaced. The Lowrance XOG can hold tracks. Rugged case, but not waterproof.