A Remarkable Bonpo Master. By Dr. James Manganiello. Lopon Tenziri Namdak Rinpoche is one of the living fathers of the indigenous Tibetan spiritual tradition. Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store. Bonpo Dzogchen Teachings: According to Lopon Tenzin Namdak [John Myrdhin Reynolds] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this book.

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Here is an outline of Yongdzin Rinpoche activities. Retrieved from ” https: ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Gu ru rin po che purportedly gave initiations here to the lamas Dran pa nam mkha’ and Khye’u chung hamdak Iding, which consisted of Padma zhi khro, the 6 root deities of rDo rje sems dpa’ and Tenzij ru ka dpa’i bo gcig. In the Tun-huang manuscripts, the srin are an nameak force which must be pressed down Gyatso: A gnas bshad guide for “Ma chags tenzjn mo do” is provided in the text, gNam mtsho gnas chen bshad dad pa’i chu rgyun published in sTag lung rtse sprul: During that year, he also conducted the funerary and post-mortem rites following the death of his master Lopon Sangye Tenzin.

In the gZer myig, three regional srin mo are mentioned: The Abbot of Menri acted as president. For information on currrent projects and how you can help, please send a message here: Subscribe our mailing list Stay in touch receive our newsletter, upcoming retreats, events.

Visiting Shenten Dargye Ling Outside organized retreat times, members are welcome to stay at Shenten for short personal retreats max 3 weeksor to join volunteers helping in the upkeep of the centre gardening, painting, DIY etc For information on currrent projects and how you can help, please send a message here: When Sangye Tenzin died inYongdzin was assigned responsibility for the education of the younger generation of monks.

At Ko-dgon monastery he taught Theg-rim, Tantra and Zhine for several days. On the right side of the large chamber is a self-formed image of a crow, where the 11th century saint rGwa lo tsa ba locally called rGwa lo rin po che invoked mGon po. His permanent residences are in Kathmandu, France Blou and Dolanji. However, the Zhang zhung words se mo old woman and especially sad mo lha mo as representative the original etymology cannot be ruled out. Other great religious personages who graced Srin mo do include Ye shes mtsho rgyal, ‘Bri gung pa chen pogNam mtsho ba chen po disciple of the second Karma paPha dam pa sangs rgyas, rGwa lo tsa ba rin po che and Nor dpal bzhad pa rdo rje.


After the Tibetan uprisingmany lamasincluding the 14th Dalai Lama and Rangjung Rigpe Dorje, 16th Karmapaalong with numerous Tibetan refugees departed their homeland to seek refuge in India and Nepal. Outside organized retreat times, members are welcome to stay at Shenten for short personal retreats max 3 weeksor to join volunteers helping in the upkeep of the centre gardening, painting, DIY etc.

The inner nature of the island is protected by it only being accessible to pedestrians during the winter months, from about December to April. Srin mo and Sri mo refer to the pre-Buddhist class of deities mentioned in conjunction nqmdak the mythology of the Divine Dyad.

Her status was transformed into the inauspicious character of the rakshasani with the advent of Buddhism.

H.E Yongdzin Lopon Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche

As would be expected of the most sheltered and defensible site at gNam mtsho, it is brimming with namfak tradition. Thanks in advance, Mutsuk Marro KY. But maybe you can obtain maybe also some photos about the Geshe ceremony of the former monk, Tenzin Wangyal?

Explore the Home Gift Guide. Gu ru rin po che instructed his disciples to practice at gNam mtsho do, tenzi thus the island and lake have been an important gnas chen for Buddhists since the period of the first diffusion bstanpa snga dar. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and nmadak customers.

Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. The 32nd Menri Trizin, head of Menri Monastery, had just died and his successor had not yet been appointed. The Nine Ways of Bon: Another ancient looon on Srin mo do was a three-storey stone building connected with the legendary ancestor of the local ‘brog pa, Bra gu ngom ngan, which tragically was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution.

He later escaped to Nepal via the small principality of Mustang.

At Menri in Lpoon, all instruction in Tantra and Dzogchen was done in private except for the philosophy college where the monks studied the five scripture system Dozhung Nga mdo gzhung lnga. Share your thoughts with other customers. Read more Read less. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number.

Lopön Tenzin Namdak

The purpose of the college at Dolanji was to preserve the tradition of philosophy established and developed at Yeru Wensaka gyas ru dben sa khawhere philosophical analysis and logic were applied to the understanding of Do Ngag Semsum mdo sngags sems gsumthat nmdak, to the teachings of the Sutras popon, the Tantras and Dzogchen. Secret experiences to realize Rainbow Body of Tibet. Who is online Users browsing this forum: He resided for a period at the University of Cambridge.


Although a myth of the subjugation of the srin mo has not been found for gNam mtsho, the Buddhist subjugation of gNam mtsho phyug mo also depended on wrenching it from its earlier cultural milieu and redefining it.

West of ‘Od gsal phug is rDzong dmar, the cave of Do pa dar she. However, in Dolanji students also study Tantra and Dzogchen in the college, as well as the five scriptural systems that pertain to Sutra.

Also included in the curriculum are the secular sciences rignai ; rig gnassuch as grammarpoeticsastrologyand so on. Lopon La – Although, as we have seen, the srin mo was an important component of cosmogonic mythsit is now essentially one and the same as the man-eating Indian rakshasani. Vyner has been interviewing Tibetan Lamas for the purpose of developing an empirically valid theory of the defining characteristics of the healthy human mind.

The college has a nine-year term of studies that prepares the student for a degree in Geshe. The paucity of historical materials available does not permit an assessment of the origins of the srin. This was the first scholarly study of the Yungdrung Bon tradition conducted in the West. According to an informed local sngags pa, there is a circumambulatory trail around Srin mo do which is about the same length as the one found at bKra shis do chung around five kilometers.

Write a customer review. Also visited sPa-tshang and sPu-la-kha monasteries, then returned to sTeng-chen monastery in Khyung-po, which had been rebuilt since his previous visit in Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser.

Historically Nang do was the place that attracted the greatest numbers of saints and loponn, who sought out its pristine, untrammeled qualities.