so that justice can finally be done in the investigation known as the “Maddie case. ” Truth and A Verdade Da Mentira: The Truth About The Lie. Chapter 1. Amaral’s book, “A Verdade da Mentira,” is, “Maddie: L’Enquête Interdite,” The . livro de Snr Amaral, ‘The Truth of the Lie’, ficaria disponível à luz da decisão. Processo Caso Maddie – Toda a Verdade O livro do Dr. Gonçalo Amaral vale o que vale, mas a nossa Liberdade de Expressão, essa, não tem Contra la impunidad, contra la mentira, contra la manipulación, contra todo tipo de abusos.

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I’d recommend others do the same. They prob used the fridge to transport her out the apartment. In dit boek vertelt hij over wat er die avond moet zijn gebeurd. Paperbackpages.

I would only hope that over time, that conscience will get the better of one of them and that the truth will be revealed – but I somehow doubt it.

Amaral does not prove his theory, having barking dogs that don’t bite. It must not worry about political correctness. This is the Foreword from the French version. You fought for what you thinked that was the truth, but infortunately, the will of very powerfull powers prevailed.

Processo Caso Maddie – Toda a Verdade – Joana Morais

The McCanns and their holiday friends eventually settled on a narrative about Madeleine’s disappearance which contained metnira told two very confusing elements, the well-know sighting by Jane of a possible abductor and the subsequent visit of Matthew to the apartment of the McCanns. Wow I cannot believe the parents have got away with this for this long.

Under no circumstance whatsoever does the book call the work of my colleagues at the Judiciary Police into question, nor does it compromise the ongoing investigation. Estoy yeno de tristesa para ti para mi e para todos. Livr who thinks diferent should be persecuted and burned like a witch.

But also if this accident theory is not correct, we can still apply the same reasoning. To ask other readers questions about Maddie – A Verdade da Mentiraplease sign up.


I would love to read it. Their accounts livrro the event vary.

One has to wonder about the influence and power of people – if this is a cover-up, there’s an incredibly dedicated, loyal team at the core of it. A great read with some interesting facts provided and the crime scene pictures helped provide a visual image of the crime scene that unfortunate day.

Because the group’s storytelling developed into a version in which Matthew could not tell whether Madeleine was in her bed or not, Matthew’s visit, in contrast to Jane’s sighting, adds nothing to any cover-up. The book is written in such a way that you truly feel that you are following the developments of the investigation, only occasionally jarred out of this by a retrospective comment. I can see why the McCanns do not want this book published in the UK; they are not portrayed very flatteringly at all – but as I said above, the information is laid out quite sparsely, with very little emotion.

Now suppose, as Amaral discusses, that the theory about Madeleine dying in the apartment from a fall from the sofa when Gerry was talking to another holiday guest not from the groupis right. Anonymous Saturday, September 12, 1: It is available translated into English here; I will be purchasing a copy of this in support of the author when it becomes available, but for now I believe the truth is better shared like this for free than kept hidden like the McCanns wanted for some “unknown” reason.

En hoeveel waarde er daadwerkelijk gehecht werd aan regels; zeker wanneer snelheid belangrijker wordt geacht. That of contributing to the discovery of the material truth and the achievement of justice in the investigation that is known as the “Maddie Case”.

Had an unblemished career, widely recognized by colleagues and superiors, as well as judges and prosecutors, judicial officials and lawyers, with whom he had the pleasure of dealing for many years. Ik wilde het verhaal ingetrokken worden, en naarmate de geschiedenislessen vorderde, gebeurde dat ook. It’s important to remember that, because for the first few chapters, I f Just wow.


This is one of the things that Amaral’s book, disappointingly, does not deal with.

However, there are several holes in this story and some things do not line up. I still don’t understand how a national Court of Justice can prohibit a citizen to express his opinion at least out of his country and how an entire book can be abstracted into a theme undetermined to be censured. Anonymous Saturday, September 12, 2: Zo worden er verschillende getuigen gehoord, en beschrijft Amaral zeer duidelijk wat er uit die gesprekken naar voren is gekomen.

Aan het einde van het boek is de lezer opnieuw dda de rollercoaster gegaan welke de verdwijning van Maddie in ook al met zich meebracht. I, therefore, scrupulously respected the rules of the police judiciaire and I refrained from making any comment. Oh, I will livto be purchasing a copy of this as soon as it becomes available in the UK to support the author. Extracts from the McCanns press conference in Lisb They mardie also probably lost their jobs as doctors especially maddke it was found that they gave their kids sleeping medicine.

Maddie – A Verdade da Mentira

Have you ever encountered a pair of doctors who don’t have credit or debit cards? This can only mean one thing: Oivro most condemning evidence is that t An excellent and plausible account of the alleged abduction of Madeleine Mccann written by the senior investigating officer. Now I find it was in fact looked at, but summarily dismissed for seemingly arbitrary reasons. Then they were left alone while the parents enjoyed a meal out every night, not just this one.

Anonymous Tuesday, October 27, 6: He is married in second marriage and has three daughters. You feel both the excitement and mentkra of the team at critical points in the investigation.