Descriptions and articles about Liponyssoides sanguineus in the Encyclopedia of Life. Includes Wikipedia. Liponyssoides sanguineus (hematophagic-biting mite) is a mite of the rat, mouse, and other domestic rodents that occasionally bites man. Wild rodents are hosts to Liponyssoides sanguineus (house mouse mite), Laelaps echidnina (spiny rat mite), Laelaps pontiger (syn.

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Once an infestation is diagnosed in laboratory rodents, eradication requires removal of commensal rodent reservoirs and widespread treatment of both the environment and the mice. There is no published information on the use of insect growth regulators IGRs to prevent mesostigmatid mite infestations in animal facilities.

Lliponyssoides rederivation of contaminated immunocompetent mice using neonatal transfer with iodine immersion.

House-mouse mite | arachnid |

Disturbances to existing rodent hosts e. Views Page Discussion View source History.

Effect of mouse strain and age on detection of mouse parvovirus 1 by use of serologic testing and sanguinesu chain reaction analysis. Severe rat mite infestations cause debility and anemia in rodents French ; Harris and Stockton ; Sanguineuss et al.

Optimal age at fostering for derivation of Helicobacter hepaticus -free mice. Mites are distinguishable from insects as the adults have eight legs and never have wings. These blood-sucking mites live in the environment adjacent to their rodent hosts and are freely mobile Baker ; Flynn Wikipedia on Liponyssoides sanguineus Less technical,?

Leptotrombidium deliense Liponyssoides sanguineus. Laboratory studies of adult female Bdellonyssus bacoti Hirst, Acarina, parasitiformes. Treatment of Syphacia obvelata in mice using ivermectin. Pubmed on Liponyssoides sanguineus.


The first sign of a mesostigmatid mite infestation is usually a complaint of bites among personnel who work with the laboratory rodents. Use of permethrin eradicated the tropical rat mite Ornithonyssus bacoti from a colony of mutagenized and transgenic mice.

Building demolition and renovations or removal of commensal rodents are particularly high-risk periods and can result in new laboratory rodent mite infestations as the mites travel in search of new hosts. Prevention, particularly in laboratory housing areas or during high-risk periods such as building renovation, is unquestionably preferable to treatment.

Juvenile hormone analogs are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency EPA as biopesticides and approved for indoor use they are also effective against the German cockroach Atkinson et al.

The EPA reports no evidence of toxicity in nontarget species EPAbut it is advisable to avoid exposure of Drosophila melanogaster colonies and mice or cell lines that use ecdysone-inducible gene expression systems No et al. Macronyssidae from Egyptian rats Rattus spp.

Liponyssoides sanguineus – Ganfyd

Evaluation of the control of Myobia musculi infestations on laboratory mice with permethrin. Reports of mesostigmatid mite infestations in laboratory rodent facilities have generally been uncommon in the last 2 decades.

Females are readily identifiable by the characteristic arrangement of their ventral shields together liponysoides the number and arrangement of setae hair-like extensions Figure 1. Permethrin is a more stable synthetic analog of pyrethrum, which was originally derived from chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium flowers; it acts as a neurotoxin, prolonging sodium channel activation and causing repetitive firing of peripheral nerves and eventual paralysis in insects Narahashi Rat mites thus can transmit several zoonotic diseases, and both O.


Insect growth regulators fall into two categories, nonsteroidal ecdysteroid agonists that mimic the action of molting hormones and cause accelerated and incomplete molting, and juvenile hormone chemical analogs that inhibit maturation Liponyssoifes et al.

In our experience, although individual facility treatments were successful, further outbreaks subsequently occurred in other rodent facilities.

Environmental application of silica aerogel lipponyssoides been effective for controlling rat mite infestations in homes Ebeling and, as it is not likely to have a research impact, could also be a candidate for environmental control of insect and mobile mite pests in laboratory animal facilities. This article about liponyssoieds mite or tick is a stub. Survey for antibodies to selected viruses in laboratory mice in South Africa. Abstract Mesostigmatid mites are blood-sucking parasitic mites found in wild rodent populations.

House-mouse mite

This page was last edited on 25 Juneat If you are unwell and looking for advice please see your own doctor or contact the emergency healthcare services as appropriate. It can transmit human disease, [2] is associated with causing rodent mite dermatitis in humans [3] and is noted sanyuineus carrying Rickettsia akariwhich causes rickettsialpox.

Experimental eradication of pinworms Syphacia obvelata and Aspiculuris tetraptera from mice colonies using ivermectin.