Linn Sneaky level Digital Streamer with integrated amplifier. Perfect for fitting into any home or office system, Sneaky DS can be connected directly to speakers. Scottish hi-fi manufacturer Linn is hoping to fill that space with its range of enthusiast digital streaming – DS – players, and the range starts at. Sneaky Music DS means you no longer have to compromise performance for convenience. With an unrivalled hi-fi heritage, Sneaky Music DS combines.

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I think Sneaky is a balanced entry level solution and does need anything else. I would consider one essential.

I’m Just not convinced by needing three boxes for an amp when my nait 5i-2 did such a good job! A great source of sound for any home, it combines the convenience of a network music player with Linn’s experience and commitment to world-class music reproduction.

Linn Sneaky Music DS Network Streamer + Amplifier at Audio Affair

fs Indeed, maybe another thread may have discussion between ndx, ndac, linn ds etc. Even if you switch to Linn’s Komponent speakers and treat the Sneaky as a local hi-fi fed by ‘plain’ old Flac files from the AVA RS3, it retains a musical edge on rivals. You must be signed in to continue. All you need then is a music source. Of course not, although I would jump up to the Akurate instead of the Majik as I felt that the Majik and Sneaky were closer in performance than the Majik and the Akurate.

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Seen this item cheaper elsewhere? But you can possibly make senaky of the piece you have running it to the external DAC which are cheap and easily available now.

Linn Sneaky Music DS – is it an adequate source? | Naim Audio Forums

I would have thought the linn sneaky’s dac would be more than a match for most cheap dac though. Get your head round the future And that really is the big deal with the Linn.

I’ve been demoing various kit and it’s amazing the differences speakers make with the same kit. Hi, I’m not ready for sneajy I’m afraid. Send us the link below with your details and we’ll come back to you ASAP with a better price if we can offer one! Product Description The Linn Sneaky DS Network is a powerful digital streamer which can be easily integrated into your existing system.

This is a genuine alternative to a CD player. Against Some price rivals are a shade more flexible. Linn Sneaky Music DS – is it an adequate source? I didn’t like it through the Supernait. Rather odd comment but appreciate your point. Finally, you’ll never receive email notifications about content they create or likes they designate for your content. Like Reply 0 Likes.


Linn Sneaky Music DS – is it an adequate source? | Naim Audio Forums

Originally Posted by AMA:. Sign In or Register. I know that the likes of the sneaky ds and majik ds certainly sound better to me than many similar priced cd players.

Linnone of the most highly respected names in traditional hi-fi, has come up with its very own digital media player, the Sneaky Music DS. The Linn Sneaky DS Network is a powerful digital streamer which can be easily integrated into your existing system. For Exceptional sound quality compact and easy to get to grips with.

Customers who purchased from the Linn DSM range also considered…

Both are priced similarly and both offer similar feature set. It’s a flexible little beastie, and not just because it can be orientated vertically or horizontally.

It operates sd Linn’s pioneering prerogative of ‘source-first’, delivering excellent quality sound to your loudspeakers. If you’re looking for a complete system now, we also sell the Sneaky DSM which includes an in-built amplifier or we can advise on a full Linn separates system if you contact us. Earn loyalty points when you order this item.

I’ve been really impressed with the sneaky ds.