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She sends him on an errand in the morning as he wants to extend their association another week and she leaves him a note and gets on the next coach. It was a fun and sweet beginning. After reading the first two books in this series, and two other books by Balogh, I wasn’t expecting much from Ligeiraente Wicked.

What he doesn’t know is that his dear grandmama is dying. Rannulf was on his way to visit their maternal grandmother, and he’d missed all the excitement with of Aidan’s “secret” marriage and subsequent to-do in Town.

Ligeiramente Maliciosos (Bedwyn Saga, #2) by Mary Balogh (3 star ratings)

She takes on the persona of an actress, with new name and daring, knowledgeable manner and when she mishears his name, he allows her to think of him as Ralph. The repetition of incidents—the heroine running away—the hero following—become somewhat predictable.

Those comments apply as much for this book as they did for that one. I enjoy many parts of this one but it’s not my favorite by this author. After the heady days of their affair have passed, Rannulf and Judith have to make sense of their relationship and their feelings as the people they actually are.

First, I didn’t like the beginning of the story. My long train ride at 7 AM suddenly became quite pleasant, mostly because I was snorting low-key with laughter all the time and trying not to wake up my co-passengers. It’s just that I got scared for the heroine. He is likable, fun, relies on friends to finance him, in debt as he tries to dress the part — not malicious, but thoughtless.


Qualquer oportunidade de casar ou de ter uma vida independente desaparece para Judith, com esta reviravolta. Bran has been well-educated and is currently living it up as a gentleman in London Society. As predictable as this book is, and yes, it is predictable, it’s still a fun, fluff, guilty pleasure of a story.

That seemed rather convenient sometimes, but I can’t really call it manipulative on the author’s part. I can’t remember a thing about it – which I suppose says a lot about the book. Sure, she fits much of the romance-genre formula in that she’s smart, witty, resourceful, and very much unaware of her own beauty.

Lists with This Ligeirsmente.

They might never have seen each other again, and Judith might indeed have died an old maid, except that Rannulf is being pressured to marry Judith’s younger, richer cousin. I generally enjoy books from Mary Balogh and I rarely go wrong with this series. Now she’s only caught in shame ligeiramenfe confusion, because that stranger is a stranger no longer.

I’ve split the difference on the rating and just gone for three stars. I can’t sympathize with him at all Rannulf has always been rich and has never much stirred himself, but coming in contact with the ruin Judith’s brother has brought upon his family makes him think about his own dissolute habits. Impagabile la scena in cui salva il malcapitato gentiluomo da un ulteriore tentativo di adescamento a scopo matrimonio: However, I am taking a much needed break before continuing on. I saw those coming miles ligeiramene and was a little sad to see them fall out more or less along the lines I’d thought they would.


She’s got her sense of duty, but she’s got an imagination. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Same as the first part of the Bedwyn Saga, it was also saccharine sweet, which instead of laughing just made me smile – after all, we all need to sometimes read a pretty fairytale. Rannulf spots a goddess among them, helping with the minor cuts and scrapes of the incident: I thought I was well on my way to the best Balogh I had read to date.

Ligeiramente Maliciosos

Julianne is the spoiled, self centered, immature daughter. I will read It is one of the rare book that I consider that Mary Balogh’s mediocre book. And she can’t conceive of any world in which she and Rannulf could be involved. Paperbackpages. Anyway, Judith’s father is so busy paying off Bran’s debts and clothing bills that the family is practically destitute. The first third was a struggle.

She and mama have set ligsiramente sights on Rannulf as she did not capture a husband her first season. E, claro, a escrita da autora ajuda.

She’s just brought out her daughter Julianne, and with the Season ended, Julianne seemed to have a few offers. Her glorious golden sunset hair has fallen down in the crash, and her hourglass curves are being shown to their best advantage. Cassandra, Pamela, and Hilary — her sisters. The cousin who has aspirations of marrying the lofty Lord Rannulf, while the revered Rannulf is taken with the down-trodden Judith.