Witness Gustl’s angst, existential conflict and obsessions from Arthur Schnitzlers internal monologue “Lieutenant Gustl” – a classic of Austrian literature from. Lieutenant Gustl has ratings and 59 reviews. Lisa said: It was an act of bravery to write a short story on the cowardice of an Austrian lieutenant. LIEUTENANT GUSTL. By Arthur Schnitzler. Translated from the German by Richard L. Simon. 49 pages. Los Angelus: Sun and Moon Press,

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And Bauct, poor fellow, got an inflammation of the brain and died three days later.

He can tell everybody just exactly what he said to me! Shouldn’t it leutenant over soon? Well, what would she be doing-probably has someone else now.

Uncle will contribute something. Yes, that’s the way it was.

Well, it lieuutenant, for him. It’s all over with me. Yes, I could take the first train at seven o’clock to Graz.

And Brenitsch fell off his horse and broke his neck. But what would the committee decide about me?

Lieutenant Gustl by Arthur Schnitzler

I’m furious whenever I think of it! What am I doing out here in the street? Must have been twice as old as I-came home only the following morning. Haha, wow, the lieutenant lieutenannt a shitty person.


Did he really say that? As Schnitzler bravely displayed the cowardice of a lieutenant, he was attacked by Austrian patriots afterwards and ironically stripped of his military status for “failing to react honourably” to these attacks – which means that he failed to engage in a duel because of his satire on the meaninglessness of duelling.

Home – Inside Lieutenant Gustl

He is all shell and no core. When I think what Fliess’s affair with that Winterfeld woman must cost him! What is he saying? There she is, standing by the banister. Jt will hit her hard when she finds out the way I ended up- but her husband will say: If he’d ever catch me, he’d palm her off on me. We use cookies to let us know when you visit our websites, how you interact with us, to enrich your user experience, and to customize your relationship with our website.

Not even with the faintest thought. I think he still keeps her, but he never says anything about it-probably ashamed of it.


Not to Vienna, of course. Too bad she didn’t ask me. Great God, there’s an idea-I’ll leave word for Kopetzky or Wymetal to take my place in the duel! There are at least a hundred women up there- all of them dressed in black.

Supposed to be a lieutenant in the reserve as well! Guetl, in time of need a person will do almost anything. He’ll make a report to the military command.

Lieutenant Gustl

Do you understand me, you young fathead? Having a stroke doesn’t mean that he’s dead. How we use cookies. It always used to seem remarkable that people who were condemned to death drank their coffee and smoked their cigar in the morning. But first gjstl wanders through Vienna at night and ends up in the Prater.