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It is in this climate of creeping Fascism and National Socialism that Europe is heading to a crisis.

Actually their concern was overwhelmingly geopolitical using their professed worry for their co—religioners as the excuse for their self—serving interests.

For decades, Roumania, for example, hindered the acquisition of citizenship by its Jewish inhabitants as an expedient for not granting rights From there, they swiftly deported them outside the Bulgarian borders to the German Eastern Regions sicin accordance with the Dannecker — Belev Agreement signed in Sofia, on February 22nd, 3. With the benefit of hindsight, this was the first measure that the German Reich took for disenfranchising Jewish Germans, who, automatically, reverted to just being German Jewish subjects — not citizens However, it seems that the mistreatment of Jews was the norm and not the exception in the area as it is reflected in the Correspondence Presented to Parliament respecting the condition and treatment of the Jews in Servia in totaling 31 pages, and in the Correspondence Presented to Parliament respecting the condition and treatment of the Jews in Servia and Roumania: A paradigm of the latter was the Danubian Principalities, Wallachia and Moldavia, precursors of modern day Romania.

Civil rights were de rigueur as opposed to group rights. Greece never recognized minorities only Greeks equal under the Law. The Empire or the Sublime Porte never understood and never addressed early on and sufficiently enough all those factors that would sustain its cohesion. Jewish Greeks remained such albeit all the efforts of the occupiers to turn them against their Christian brethren.

The sponsors were the aforementioned couple from Xanthi in major part and the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece in minor part.

The definition includes all past historical events and practices that fermented the path to destruction of the European and North African Jewry during the World War II as well as the now and current state practices. How did the particularities of Balkan history and of the constituent societies affect the Jews present in this peninsula and were tangential to the greater picture? Realism drives the actions and reactions of Yugoslavia, sharing now a common border with the Reich.


It was also a crucial step in Bulgarian occupied Eastern Macedonia and Thrace not to grant Bulgarian citizenship — and thus protection — to indigenous Jewish Greeks, hence putting them in a precarious position.

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They concerned themselves more with the ways to keep them apart than to lla them into the national fabric For the more than victims to the Holocaust from Kavala, a monument was erected in the cemetery grounds They assembled and held them in mainly tobacco warehouses. However, Yugoslavia was occupied since, in the end, it renounced its association with the Reich and, thus, was invaded.

The Jew, the perennial outsider and the occasional standard scapegoat for all ills, does not belong to the Volk Centuries old simmering discontent of the non—Muslim populations being subjugated people and the emergence and awakening of national consciousness and aspirations lead to the beginning of the disintegration of Ottoman dominance in the area.

Neither has Romania or Serbia for that matter. Nonetheless some issues with accepting responsibility for acts of the past remain. During the inter war years and up to the invasion of Greece and Yugoslavia by the German Reich in April 6,the various attitudes of discrimination and intolerance, as well as age long practices of prejudicial Anti — Judaism in Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Romania, are molded into an underlying ensemble of mind—setting stances and negative feelings towards the Jews.

Actually, this marked the first time ever of deportation of Greeks with the sole intention that of their murder.

This was enhanced also by the mistreatment of Jews in Russia proper, as it is documented, just a few years latter inin the Correspondence respecting the treatment of Jews in Russia, presented to both Houses of Parliament and totaling 74 pages How did other ideas, politics, events and actions propagating and emanating from other European nations in the course of the last two centuries shaped, influenced and abetted the final decision of Bulgaria of the time to deport the Jewish Greeks?

I am optimistic that they will be resolved.

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Here are the links: As expected, the Sublime Porte became apprehensive that other Christian people of the Balkans might follow suit. Dawidowicz, The War Against the Jews: The step from plain Anti — Semitism to annihilation loomed, and was proven so, very short. The persecution and mistreatment of the Jews were such in Wallachia and Moldavia that, amongst others, Correspondence respecting the Persecution of Jews in Moldavia, totaling 33 pages was presented to both Houses of Parliament in the UK in I thank with appreciation and esteem His Excellency Ambassador Mr.


The inclusion of Articles on Minority Group rights in the various Peace Treaties as well as particular articles on religious liberties and other rights in specific Treaties pertinent to specific states such as the Treaty of Neuilly—sur—Seine for Bulgaria 33 which, actually, reiterated previous commitments as regards to those, attest two things: In that respect, as well as for educative purposes for the younger generations, Memory and Remembrance of past events play a pivotal role.

Arduous deliberations in Constantinople by the conference of representatives of the powers resulted in the laying down of the Principles of February 11, which introduced the basic al of civil and other rights for all inhabitants of the Principalities, something that the proclaimed policy of the rulers of the newly semi—autonomous areas was completely against Paul Isaac Hagouel, Ph. Libeo concurrent Power Point presentation accompanied the lecture. The glorification of group rights at the expense and detriment of the civil rights boded dire omens for the Jewish inhabitants The sum total of seemingly unrelated historic events led inexorably to the final act of the tragedy.

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Also, the odestiada powers were worried of a large Bulgaria under Russian influence He received his Ph. This is another pseudo scientific concoction in the quiver of the determined future assassins. A definition of the Holocaust is given that orestiasa the term beyond its peak point that of the actual assassination of Jews by the Germans and some of their allies. The Germans became impatient and were pressing for deliverance of the Jews for transport to the Eastern Reich Territories.

Even the thought of emancipation and granting of rights to Jews in Roumania was anathema to its rulers.