LIBER NULL PETER J. CARROLL With Illustrations by Andrew David To all who helped keep Liber Null in print and produced a limited edition of Psychonaut . Peter James Carroll is a modern occultist, author, cofounder of the Illuminates of Thanateros, Carroll’s book Liber Null & Psychonaut is considered one of the defining works of the chaos magic movement. Carroll was a co-founder of the . We push the limits of our body and mind, sometimes breaking those limits to test our strength and willpower. We do not wade into the waters of.

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Thou art me Horus! The advantage of using such material bases is that the power residing in them can be built up over a period. It consists of all the possibilities which Chaos throws out which have not yet become solid realities.


Maybe perception will not change with it, or there will be unforeseen consequences that are dualistic, but only if you don’t understand the history as to psychonajt the things are they way they are and blindly jump in fucking things up. This is not the desired result. This is ok, because the book is relatable.

So why read a book that teaches you nothing new?

Its normal function is as a Kia -thought intermediary, yet its properties are so infinitely mutable that almost anything can be accomphshed with it. Blood sacrifice is ajd effective and most easily controlled by the use of one’s own blood, which is customarily allowed to fall upon the sigil or talisman of the demon. So frustrated that you’re whole world breaks apart and nothing make sense or has any meaning anymore. An opposite will be created in its wake.

At the very least it is a useful nuull for learning about your True Self, or your whole self by experimenting with different personas, or adopting myths that help you get a handle on aspects of your psyche that you want to understand, control, or make use of.


Thus they have only small desires and small sufferings, poor fools. For all our pretense of free will, we are an accident running a fixed but unknown course.

My thanks to you all. A fluid environment is required as a vessel for magical consciousness.

Real dreams are the key to the double. In obtaining the symbolic result, the magician tries to let the magic slip through below the level of conscious control, but must not let the process become merely random. As soon as the reaction against the desire begins to manifest, the whole thing is banished from the mind ty a forcible turning of the attention to other matters.

The principle of repulsion, separation, avoidance. I mean, if you don’t believe in the supernatural at all, then how could you take things like demons, angels, Gods, and Goddesses seriously?

Peter J. Carroll

It is an extension of the magical trance by other means. For at no time since the first aeon has humanity stood in such need of these abilities to see its way forward. A visualized shape will do. A person doing his true will is assisted by the momentum of the universe and seems possessed of amazing good luck. With practice it can be projected onto any blank surface. More important is the final essay, which explains Carroll’s “Catastrophe Theory of Magic,” one of the more original contributions of Chaos Magic to the field of occult study.

All that can be said of Kia is that the amount of meaning one experiences is proportional to Kia’s manifestation in one’s circumstances. Author’s Note Liber Null was written for he serious occult student, and therefore contains some powerful rituals. You may pray to God and ask him for help. Conversely, it is even spychonaut difficult to perform in front of many persons, all of whom are upholding the ordinary course of events.

Success is nll by certain phenomena for which it is useless to strive.

He beats a martial air upon a drum to open the temple, or else fires a loud weapon into the air. Next he invokes an image of the Angel into his nind’s eye. Additionally, I worked for a company in this field,and had to read an ocean of this stuff to do my job. This is experienced as a great release or catharsis, and at higher levels, ecstasy.


If Lovecraft wrote a manual on how to hack the universal consciousness, this book would be it. Thus strong inhibition and strong excitation end up creating the same effect — the one -pointed consciousness, or gnosis.

Full text of “Liber Null and the Psychonaut”

Didn’t appreciate the dismissive and self-satisfied tone, either. Rather drugs can be used in small doses to heighten the effect of excitation caused by the methods already discussed. The supplementary alphabet of the somatic emotions shown in figure 10 corresponds to the four elements: Eventually it is possible to extract occult secrets from things by this technique, but the ability must be developed by working with meaningless objects.

What is a god but man wielding the force of Chaos? The IOT prides itself on exploring occult traditions while breaking with much of the hierarchy and stick-up-the-ass seriousness of traditional magical study.

Like the physical motionlessness, this mental motionlessness should be practiced at set times and also whenever a period of inactivity presents itself. Laughter is the only tenable attitude in a universe which is a joke played upon itself. They are most commonly made to protect places or persons within a short radius of action. It is not the case that such entities are limited to obsessions and complexes in the human mind. Table 1 on page 33 shows a number of methods that can be used to attain it.

Any belief presented in this condition is likely to be retained due to the hypersuggestibility of the vacuous state of the mind. The greater duality which rules all emotions is shown in Table 2.