Liber Aleph Vel Cxi: The Book of Wisdom or Folly (The Equinox) [Aleister Crowley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Crowley. (Aleister Crowley). An LVII Sol in 0º 0′ 0“. September 23 e.v. a.m.. Page 2. Liber Aleph – 2. A.·. A.·. Publication in Class B. Liber Aleph – 3. In Hastings. LIBER ALEPH CXI. THE BOOK OF WISDOM OR FOLLY. An extended and elaborate commentary on the Book of the Law, in the form of a letter.

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Frater rated it liked it Feb 21, Behold the Beatific Vision is of two orders, and in the formula of the Rosy Zleph it is of the Heart and is called Beauty; but in the formula of the silver star id est, of the eye within the riangle it is of the mind, and is called wonder. Hast thou thought there that thou art also as star, free because consciously in accord with the law and determination of thy being?

Liber Aleph part 6 by Aleister Crowley

Das Ewigweibliche zieht uns hinan. How could it be a bad thing with a fool? My Son, there are afflictions many and woes many, that come of the errors of men in respect of the will; but there is none greater than this, the interference of the busy-body.

It was thine own true will hat bound thee in thine orbit; therefore thou speedest on thy path from glory unto glory in continual joy. Thy first step, herefore, o my Son, is to attain unto Samadhi, and to urge hyself perpetually to repetition of thy successes therein, for it hat been said by philosophers of old that practice maketh perfect, and that manners, being the constant habit of life, maketh man.

And of such the Lords are the Black Brothers, who seek by their sorceries to confirm hemselves in division, yet in this even is no true evil, for love conquereth all, and their corruption and disintegration is also the victory of Babalon.

Liber ALEPH vel CXI

For this is that which is written, Cast not thy pearls before swine, lest they urn again and rend thee. I say Sooth, it is of my will to bring up this my Wisdom from crowlet silence into my conscious mind, that I may the more easily reflect thereon.


At first Crowley thought this was a reference to a child he was to bear with his wife Rose Kelly, though after the death of their first-born who had turned out to be a daughter Crowley took the passage in its metaphorical sense of a young student who would inherit his teachings. Jul 16, Ivan rated it liked it.

But now it has been given unto me to understand the Heart of Her Mystery, wherefore, o my Son, by Right of the Great Love that I bear unto thee, I will inform thee thereof. Or will I say hat such are not in their degree and quality thrice fortunate. Other books in the series. Even the titles of each epistle are given in Latin, and its often medieval guise of dealing with subject matters, such as the effects of “melancholy bile”, can be considered another of Crowley’s great examples of using ancient texts as templates.

Derek Dewitt rated it really liked it Jul 27, Strike, rob, slay thy neighbour, but comfort him not unless he ask it of thee, and if he ask it, be wary.

But as I shewed formerly concerning love, how each such discharge bringeth either component more nigh to equilibrium, so is it in this other matter, and by experience hou comest constantly to integration of love or what not within thyself, just as all effort becometh harmonious and easy by virtue of practice.

Hast thou two stomachs, as has crowely cow, to chew the cud of a digested love? What you have found appears to be an liebr version of the published script, which would mean that whoever posted it had access to at least a copy of the un-corrected typescript.

Herein is truth and wisdom concerning this matter, that so long as love be not wholly satisfied, and equilibrated by entire fulfilment and exchange, constancy is a point of thy concentration and adultery a division in thy will.

The book consists of short epistles on the philosophy of ThelemaCrowley’s own ethical system of occult magic. Thou art but a pretext for my action, and a focus for my light.


Liber Aleph – Wikipedia

Confuse thou not this beatific vision with the Trances called Samadhi; yet is Samadhi the Pylon of the Temple hereof. But so long as thou feed her with her own food of falsity, thou art secure.

This is hat which is written: So also it may be in love, that two souls, meeting, discover each in the other such wealth and richness of light and love, and in one phase of life or incarnation or even in may, they exhaust not that treasure. Then they in Delirium of their Wounds increase Delusion fortifying themselves in Belief of those Phantasies created by their Emotions or impressed upon their Silliness, so that their Minds have no Unity, alepu Stability, or Discrimination, but become Hotchpot, and the Garbage-Heap of Choronzon.

Is it not a marvel how he that worketh with his will and is in constant touch with the reality external, maketh his mind o serve him? He is therefore the Force and the Substance of thy Being; but besides this, he is the Hierophant in the Taro, as if this were said: Study therefore to acquire Skill in this Method, and Experience; for this Libr is not only of the Metals, but of every Sphere, and this Key is of virtue to enter every Palace of Perfection.

Conceive only of darkness and confusion, beholding evil therein. August 4, at 7: So was it ever, and herein I call to my witness Samson of Timmath, that was lost by this error. But thou shalt appear in thy glory only when she is in thy power, and bewildered utterly by ecstasy. He gained much notoriety during his lifetime, and was infamously dubbed “The Wickedest Man crowlye the World. An incredibly concise and terse book, organized by chapters spanning no longer than a single page.