ChildhoodThe son of outstanding Silver Age poets Anna Akhmatova and Nikolay Gumilev Lev was born in Tsarskoe Selo, near St Petersburg. Lev Gumilev, Ethnogenesis and Eurasianism. ALEXANDER SERGEEVICH TITOV. University College London. School of Slavonic and Eastern European. Putin’s passing mention of the late Russian historian Lev Gumilev and this odd word passionarnost meant little to the uninitiated; but to those.

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He has been championed both by Russian hardliners and by breakaway republics. But for Gumilev it was his acquaintance with Mandelstam that was to prove the most fateful. He had a reputation for his highly non-orthodox theories of ethnogenesis and historiosophy.

Lev Gumilev. Ethnogenesis and the Biosphere

Two years later, he defended his doctoral thesis on ancient Turks. The ideas of the Soviet historian are influencing a new generation of hardliners. Not surprisingly, Gumilev’s teachings have enjoyed immense popularity in Central Asian countries. When the passionarity of an ethnos reaches its maximum, it produces vehement leaders and carries out great conquests.

For someone who had lost so much at the hands of the USSR, Gumilev was nonetheless surprisingly embittered by its collapse. The history of earlier contributions by wikipedians is accessible to researchers here: They do not care about their own life, prosperity and well-being.

He had just enough time to participate in more archaeological expeditions, and defend his graduate thesis in But even among the gumklev there was a tendency to distinguish the lawless from the law-abiding: In other parts of the former Soviet Union, Gumilev has also had a considerable academic impact and enjoyed support from gumillev intellectual and political sectors.


Lev Gumilyov

That year, Mandelstam composed a poem so lethally funny and insulting about the dictator that he decided not to write it down. Get a fresh start. His father was a nobleman, a WWI officer, and a famous Russian poet of the early 20th century.

Gumilev maintained that the Jewish culture was, by nature, mercantile and existed outside and in opposition to its environment. She managed to avoid being arrested though.

Instead, they wrote, it owed its heritage more to the fierce nomads and steppe tribes of Eurasia. The emergence of social order from chaos that he witnessed gjmilev a core part of the theory of history that would make him famous. He was exponent of eurasianism. And in Decembereveryone was watching to see if Putin, who had limped noticeably during a meeting with Israeli president Shimon Peres and who was rumoured to be in ill health, would make it through the speech.

Gumilev argued that they pass through stages.

Lv, in a series of journal articles and interviews, he spoke with great interest and a somewhat odd detachment about watching men interacting with each other as they plummeted closer to the primordial state of survival. This gives rise to the concept of a parasite ethnos, one that has lost its ancestral land and survives leeching on another ethnos.

Ethnogenesis and the Biosphere

He was once saved from prison after his mother personally appealed to Joseph Stalin, but Gumilev spent the rest of his life in and out of the gulag. He believed one could calculate it and plot it on graphs.


As he continued to fell logs in the permafrost, watching fellow inmates die of exhaustion and hypothermia, he slowly became fascinated by the irrational in history. Lev became her obsession, the object of her devotion.

Due to her literary status, he set them free. In fact, if it had not been the Mongols, Russia would have been completely Latinised and converted to Roman Catholicism; thus it would have disappeared entirely.

In the s, Lukyanov was an up-and-coming Soviet bureaucrat who would play a major role in the coup attempt against Mikhail Gorbachev. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Lev Gumilev – New World Encyclopedia

The respect of their peers is much more important to them than personal wealth or individual achievement. Gumilev linked the French and American llev statehood to Jews, with the explicit statement that both of their intellectual and spiritual foundations come from the Old Testament. On returning to Leningrad inhe was able to finish his undergraduate exams and move on to specialise in Oriental Studies, but the period of relative calm ended quickly, as his mother fell out of favour in guimlev the Leningrad Affair.