Let There Be Light, 9th edition (), Darius Dinshah his favorite quotations was from the Bible, “And God said, ‘Let there be Light ‘” which. Let There Be Light has 11 ratings and 1 review. Mary said: While Let There Be Light: Practical Manual for Spectro-Chrome Therapy by. Darius Dinshah. LET THERE BE LIGHT DARIUS DINSHAH, S C N. Eleventh Edition Practical Manual for Spectro-Chrome Therapy FULL-SPECTRUM ILLUMINATION 1.

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Whether these 29 pages, with other available material, are enough to teach you how to use this Sys- tem effectively and with confidence is entirely up to you. Light sources darijs a lantern to Sunlight, which is many thousands of times brighter, have been used without a noticeable difference in results. The aura diminishes rapidly as the distance from the body in- creases so ,ight must be on bare skin to assure optimum results.

With the high praise piled on soy foods, sarius could easily conclude that soy products qualify as perfect foods, but before jumping on the bandwagon we would do well to take a look at the other side of the story. The original Spectro-Chrome system used five matched glass slides filters which were not monochromes to produce 12 Colors.

When the body is ready for effects to be noticeable, they will be.

Wear comfortable low -heeled shoes or sandals, etc. Promotes production of leucocytes, dariuw Violet blood cells. Atom Seven marked it as to-read Nov 02, Any two of these Colors dinshab be tonated: Another interesting health-oriented Website: The foregoing Table of Attributes lists the effects expected from each of the Spec- tro-Chrome Colors when tonated on a live person, but only if it is a Color which is re- quired at that time. Indigo, continued on next page Chapter six: The Color schedules are excellent guides for tonating but they are not the “last word” as this must rest with you.


In very extensive burns in a child of eight years of lignt there was almost complete suppression of urine for more than 48 hours, with a temperature of to degrees.

Joined the American Association of Progressive Medicine. Lemon [[22 1 systemic front.

In this Chapter, the areas to be tonated are listed without the word “area” For exam- ple, when you are to tonate Green on areas 1 and 15 it will read: Under differing circumstances, one or dinshaj of these could be helpful to a patient. T he treatment of carbuncles with color is easy compared to the classical methods.

Let There Be Light: Practical Manual for Spectro-Chrome Therapy

There is also the possibility that it is not a condition amenable to Spectro-Chrome. Choked disc papilledema a. Zar rated it liked it Mar 07, When you receive the Roscolene sheets be sure their numbers agree dinshahh ith the foregoing list do not allow sub- stitutionsand carefully mark each one with its Roscolene number.

W hile standard, household, incandescent bulbs are similar to sunlight in that there are no emission gaps or peaks, they dinwhah weighted considerably toward the red end of the spectrum.

Also, it is advisable to rest in the darkened room for a few minutes after a tonation. In many cases, the functions have been restored after the classical remedies have failed. After reading of soy dangers, the benefits appear to be far outweighed and that number of Websites is not warranted. Reprint of full-color illustrations showing shortcomings of so-called “full-spectrum” illumination, etc. Yellow, Orange and Red in sensory cases are also listed because Yellow is the nerve builder, Orange is Vz Yellow and Vz Red so it has some proper- ties for energizing both motor and sensory nerves, and Red JJjl is the strongest sensory stimulant.


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Bulb wattage 23 B. However, until a thorough knowledge of the attributes of each Color has been acquired, it may be prudent to simply use the Colors in rotation. Except for the few copies which surfaced from time-to-time, Spectro-Chrome magazines were out-of-print for decades. Since civilization virtually mandates ligyt we live in some form of simulated Sunshine, it would be sensible to use lamps which emitted a reasonable semblance of a complete spectrum, without any frequency gaps or large peaks of energy.

Do not be overly concerned about Light source power; use anything convenient, such as: Includes items K and U.

Both projectors should be turned on at therf Forecast time and turned off one hour later, except in this circumstance: Genesis and complete transcript of lawsuit fought and won by Dinshah P. The only cases cited are to illustrate particular points; two instances of successful use with a small projector on senior citizens may be noted in paragraph A-l.

Let There Be Light: Practical Manual for Spectro-Chrome Therapy by Darius Dinshah

A vegetarian cookbook can help in putting the foregoing suggestions into practice. Study the Color schedules in Chapter seven. Due consideration must be given to digestive and eliminative functions. Stop drinking coffee, tea, sodas and colas, alcoholic beverages and any other stimu- lants or depressants.

The niece of one of his Theosophical Society friends varius dying from mucous colitis. It may sound simple but the attuning process was often a frustrating task due to the inconsistencies in the glass; attuning is an lef rather than a science.