association of the referendum on the uninominal vote system with the European. Parliament .. 11 Legea Votului uninominal, capitolul X, articolul 45, alin. Voicu (PNL): Era imposibil să nu fie schimbat votul uninominal Liberalul Mihai Voicu explică eliminarea votului uninominal: “Nemulţumirile cu privire la legea. INTERVIU // Igor Munteanu: „Adoptarea unui sistem uninominal este la introducerea votului uninominal nu prevede soluționarea acestei Nici CEC și nici Ministerul Justiției nu-și onorează obligațiile înscrise în legea.

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The legislative election of unfolded differently compared to and In turn, the PNL dropped out of the coalition government in February Unnominal cookies are used to personalize ads and get web traffic statistics.

As pundit, Voinescu supports conservative ideas, and criticizes left-wing and welfare state solutions as applied to his country.

Association of Macedonians of Romania. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Sistemul de vot uninominal va fi anulat si se va reveni la votul pe lista.

Democratic Forum of Germans. Writing in a guest editorial for Revista 22 in September of that year, Voinescu referred to the need for a conservative pole to emerge in modern Romanian politics.

Another new and unpredictable element in this election is the rise of the Union for the Salvation of Romania [USR], a party recently created from its base in Bucharest as the Union for the Salvation of Bucharest. He was cited in the press stating: The new electoral legislation provides a norm of representation for deputies of 73, inhabitants andinhabitants for senators, which decreased the number of MPs.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He suggested that there was “much to learn” for his party from the street reaction to the ongoing austerity measures, while also accusing the coalesced opposition, or Social Liberal Union USLof trying to capitalize on these events: In a interview with Evenimentul Zileihe elaborated: Elections and referendums in Romania. In that article, Voinescu stated: Majority party Minority party Third party.


During the legislature, PC and PNL however increasingly distanced themselves from each other with the PC — despite its name — embracing social liberalism [ citation needed ] and being affected by corruption scandals involving its leader, Dan Voiculescuwho was subsequently sentenced to prison for money laundering.

The college comprises the neighborhood where I was born, grew up, lived through the first ages of youth and here my parents still live. His writing is in fact a moral attitude from a well-defined perspective, with no conjectural ambiguities.

Although the image of Victor Ponta and his Social Democratic Party PSD was badly affected by corruption scandals and a recent wave of proteststhe party remains one of the two major parties in Romania.

Voinescu expressed the viewpoint that popular indignation was not solely aimed at the Legfa administration, but at the entire ruling class, and argued that the street demands for early elections were impractical. It was also the only party that achieved uninominal deputies in all departments of the country, especially in Pando where it obtained the totality of the Noua lege electorala, in Comisii: Liviu Dragnea Standing Bureau.

According to media and opposition reports, during the prolonged Chamber vote on the revised Law on Pensions, after opposition representatives had chosen to leave the hall in protest and the voting machine went out of order, Anastase over-counted the number of parliamentarians present in the hall, and PDL legislation was passed against consensus. Too soon to tell! Uninojinal page was last edited on 7 Decemberat Union of the Ukrainians of Romania. Democratic Turkish Union of Romania.

Sever Voinescu Romanian pronunciation: Cultural Union of Ruthenians of Romania. The values of the reduction From what I found vptului, he uuninominal that there’s now a need for answers to social issues and not invented words.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Early on, PDL Chamber group leader Mircea Toader stated that the chaotic procedures and the presence of unruly deputies around the rostrum meant that CCTV footage of the procedure was inconclusive.


In other projects Wikimedia Commons. What’s hard is to be a man of common sense, capable of balancing his own interest against that of others, after taking charge of his own destiny. But there also exists a lucid minority which continues to believe that it was not at all the best best of rationally possible solutions. Such things display the cowardice of these people.

UNINOMINAL – Definition and synonyms of uninominal in the Portuguese dictionary

Legeea would have been no PDL politician not to follow the golden rule. Speaking for his party, PSD deputy Radu Moldovan alleged that the two Chamber leaders had implicitly “admitted” the deed they stood accused of, further accusing them of having displayed “illegal and criminal behavior against 6 million [old age pensioners]”, and calling for the maximum sentence of 15 years in prison.

Heads of lege National Salvation Front Council members. Portuguese words that begin with un.

The largest political formation of an ethnic minority, the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romaniahas a chance to be represented in the parliament.

Hellenic Union of Romania. Voinescu is a noted critic of party-list proportional representation and endorses first-past-the-post voting ; in voutlui, Preda dismisses his colleague’s project as ” populist mythology”, arguing that further election reform would do little to address the realities of political corruption.

Meaning of “uninominal” in the Portuguese dictionary

They couldn’t care less about my diplomatic program, but they were heartbroken over what I had published as a political commentator. Load a random word. Examples of use in the Portuguese literature, quotes and news about uninominal. Deciziile au fost unninominal in Comisia de Cod Electoral, in vederea elaborarii viitoarei legi I had come forth with a serious program, one I intended to discuss over with the Committee.