Cayla Kluver was born on October 2, , in Wisconsin. She has cats, dogs and horses, and watches more crime shows than is probably healthy. Her office is. Legacy is a series of novels by Cayla Kluver that follow a young princess that must decide between a forbidden love and her obligations to her kingdom. Kluver . Legacy by Cayla Kluver, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Those authors know how to make the reader interested enough to pick up the book. Legacy failed to leave a good impression on me. Feb 25, Charlotte Black rated it really liked it. Upon his salt-and-pepper hair rested the Crown of the King, a diamond-embedded circlet of gold with four bejeweled crosses spaced evenly around its circumference.

Her office is filled with twinkly lights. The way she sees herself and her kingdom So all in all, I bought this trilogy on a complete whim with absolutely no expectations, read the first two books in about three days, and don’t have a single regret.

The horrible, horrible adverbs. The end of the book left my mouth hanging open, I wanted Narian or London, somebody at least to rush in and stop the wedding. Oh the poor words, they were writhing in pain on the page, overflowing with abundant sorrow. I read it the whole way through, hoping I’d find a redeeming star hidden in the pages Sporting a newly designed cover image, Legacy was republished June 28th, Even in our world, Alera is old enough to go to college and, hopefully, to realize that “saving my sister’s life!


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Legacy is the story of Princess Alera of Hytanica. I really hated how she ratted out one of the characters when she should have just ASKED them about it first.

Steldor gave a short, scathing laugh. Only problem is, Alera has the stupidest priorities. It’s these two main issues that forced me to reduce my rating for this one- I’m curious to see how Sacrifice will turn out, but also not very hopeful that it can be turned around for an ending that I’ll find satisfactory.

Customers who bought this item also bought. And I’m sorry kluvrr say but Legacy ‘s writing is not. I could not stop reading. And why is it that he’s the ONLY guy in the kingdom that’s eligible to marry? Alera, as crown princess, wishes that she could have more input but is hindered by her patriarchal society. Narian could probably kill her parents in front of her and the ending would still be about how they can finally get together, cuz the war’s done!


It set a tone for me. Please don’t let Alera ruin the potential of a enchanting read.

Allegiance (The Legacy Trilogy): Cayla Kluver: : Books

I was willing to put up with it because I do like some description, but lebacy descriptions would take a good chunk of the book. June 15, Imprint: I think there’s one, if not more, in every sentence. Courage won’t be enough. I have little love for this character. The first half of the book, nothing happens.

This book felt a lot like the story line of Romeo and Juliet with as much intrigue as there was romance. But a good king, so everyone approves of the pairing.

I hate him too! He is agile, sexy, and mysterious.

Nur mal so ein Beispiel: Both women are faced with the choice of love or country, a choice that might lead to painful repercussions. All right, Alera got around the adultery part because she’s getting the marriage annulled, but otherwise the positions are similar.