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Building code LBN „Fire resistance of buildings”, which sets reaction to fire classification for building products. Specific table added which determines. 4) Latvijas būvnormatīvi: LBN „Būvju ugunsdrošība”, LBN būves”, LBN „Dzīvojamo un publisko ēku apkure un ventilācija” u.c. Latvian Construction Standard LBN “Fire Safety of. Structures” adopted on 28 June [1], which do not prescribe the requirements for permitted.

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That strain was isolated from blood cultures lnbwhile strain LBN was recovered from pancreatic necrotic tissue in a patient with acute pancreatitis.

Janse Van Rensburg, and L. Alauzet1 F.

PCR amplification with universal primers targeting the nim genes yielded products of about bp for seven clinical isolates. Nonduplicate clinical isolates of Prevotella spp. As it has previously been shown that metronidazole resistance may be detected only after prolonged incubation 91425a second reading of all tests was performed after an additional 72 h.

For a long time, it has been considered that acquired resistance to this antibiotic is rare among anaerobes, despite its extensive use. Please review our privacy policy.

The predicted amino acid sequence alignment of NimI with homologs lnn other anaerobic bacteria showed that NimI formed a homogeneous group distinct from the other Nim types, with which NimI exhibited The protein sequences were analyzed and aligned by using the BioEdit sequence alignment editor program http: Moreover, we showed for the first time that subpopulations exhibiting high-level lvn to metronidazole can be selected from both silent nimI -positive and nim -negative Prevotella sp.


Metronidazole resistance in Clostridium difficile is heterogeneous. No hybridization with any of the strains tested with the nimA gene probe was found. You should consider the loss of paint in case you use a spray. Nim -specific digoxigenin-labeled probes were obtained by PCR, as described above, with primer pair NIM-3 and NIM-5 with a deoxynucleoside triphosphate mixture containing 0. Evaluation of the in vitro activity of ertapenem and nine other comparator agents against anaerobic bacteria.

The description and photos are informative, operational changes are possible. Briefly, plasmid DNA was extracted with a plasmid minipreparation kit Qiagen.

There shouldn’t be old paint, dust, dirt, oil, or wax on it. Microbiology Pt 4: This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

High-level metronidazole resistance could be induced in both strains, while slowly growing subpopulations within the inhibition zone of the Etest strip were observed only for strain LBN b.

Mix well before application. Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute. Selection and stability of metronidazole resistance. All of 20110 strains were genotypically identified as P.

Detection of nim genes and IS elements. The paint PROMADUR 201–10 used in places where, according to the rules LBN there have to be wooden constructions according to EN to class of fire resistance Bs1, d0, and in places where there are requirements of fire resistance, for example, public buildings, homes, theaters, facilities for meetings, schools, etc.


Fire retardant paint PROMADUR (Wooden structures)

No known associated insertion sequence elements were detected upstream of the nimI gene in any of the nim -positive strains by PCR mapping. This suggests that other potential resistance mechanisms may exist for 210-10 isolates, such as decreased pyruvate: Distributed by the author. If there is a requirement to use wooden details which correspond to the specified class of fire resistancewe recommend to pay attention to Promat However, a potentially novel nim gene, nimIwas present and silent in 7 of the remaining clinical isolates, for which neither increased initial MICs nor slowly growing resistant populations were observed.

The difference between thickness and width is usually more than 25 mm. Multicentre survey of the in-vitro activity of seven antimicrobial agents, including ertapenem, against recently isolated gram-negative anaerobic bacteria in Greece.

Fire protection systems

In a dry, warm room – 6 months, after that the paint quality should be checked. Metabolism of a 5-nitroimidazole in susceptible and resistant isogenic strains of Bacteroides fragilis. For shipping cost calculation, write down your exact address and the quantity of the required product.