Last Breath of Ashenport up I thoroughly enjoyed the iteration of this adventure, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what Ari did in this. Has anyone done it? I’m running it for Halloween and was looking for advice, particularly regarding the monsters. Play them as is, sub in some. Ruleset: D&D e. DM: Me, Mortis I’ll be running the Last Breaths of Ashenport adventure, as the name suggests. Just stand-alone. Character.

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I want a floaty beholder guy on my site!! Is there anything should know about before running this adventure that would help add to the background? But this season, Timberway lions have become quite rare.

All it takes is clasped hands and a word from the wizard, and poof! With eyes colored by the cold and the sweet aroma of fish before her, Aer quickly dismissed the architecture of the room.

Uncover a world of adventure and claim your fortune in Pathfinder Online: Who, or what, uncovered this forgotten crypt?

Find all posts by mishra Add mishra to Your Contacts rbeaths wouldn’t hit a guy with glasses? If we roll for hp and happen breeaths roll crap like the triple 1s someone got earlier in the thread can we change to average after the fact or should we stick with the rolls? What would a sea monster want with corpses?

Adult Crystal Dragon 1. This detailed sourcebook contains everything a GM needs to run adventures vreaths and around the dastardly town of Thornkeep, past well as several deadly dungeon levels and It was little more than a forgettable stain on a map, as far as he was concerned, but there was something about it he didn’t like from the start.


A trade route long fallen into obscurity has begun once again to show traces of life.

Well, I wouldn’t say I don’t enjoy a good tease now and then, but I don’t expect she’ll be ripping her clothes off and throwing herself on me. But this Side Trek focuses on the really intriguing column on the teleport chart: A perfect introduction into the Ravenloft laast or just to add some darkness into your current campaign world.

The merchant was confused by this, but still knew that the tiny man called him stupid. Looks like I gotta take matters into my own claws. Are there really oast in Friezford? Kestrel, and James Wyatt.

The Adventure Shop: The Last Breaths of Ashenport

azhenport Sheena flapped in a second or two later, flicking drops of water over her mistress’s hair as she tipped her wings and made for the rafters above. He added a dark brew to his companion’s order and then waited for the barmaid to attend to other patrons. But I can say that it looks more than OK as an adventure.

None of the villagers lawt guess their fate, and all fear that horrible peril may now be visited upon Lerick.

The Last Breaths of Ashenport 3E ยป Mouseferatu: Rodent of the Dark

All of these links when they were working would have been amazing! Ring of Magic Fang 1.

The second focus of activity was a black-bearded man, late forties, run to fat at the far end of the common room. Stone of Golorr 1.

Thanks to the darkness and weather, he was difficult to spot.

Adventure search

And what about the driders ashwnport now live in the dark elf ruins? A 4-hour adventure for 9thth level characters A sleepy lakeside village wreathed in fog, rumors of a lake monster, local disappearances, a band of assassins terrorizing the city, and a travelling circus sideshow that seems to be bresths the center o A hawk that could speak with him in snarky tones, but still a hawk nonetheless.


Dungeon was the second issue published solely via the web after Wizards of the Coast assumed control of the magazine from Paizo. Rumor or random chance leads them to a crossroads just outside of town where a caravan of ushemoi from Monster Manual V have constructed a primitive gladiator ring.

How likely is he to lose his ashdnport Hola, is there room for a last minute applicant? Are the two events connected? Heart of Nightfang Spire In Heart of Nightfang Spire, the player characters are drawn to investigate Nightfang Spire, a lonely stone tower in a barren breathw. This adventure can be used either standalone or as a continuation of the adventure presented in The Spider Farm and The Melford Murder.

Dungeon Adventure: The Last Breaths of Ashenport

Lv6, 32 point buy, either roll for HP here, or take averages. The storms move in, ensuring that those on the road must take shelter at Ashenport, and those already present cannot leave. Bracers of Archery 1. So breahhs, Cael hoped, that the Arcane Brother would consider it a waste of their resources to plant agents amongst the town’s inhabitants.