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From this viewpoint, all the Vijnanas are evolving and deed-performing Vijnanas except the Alaya which always abides in its self-nature. Extremely repetitive and borderline incomprehensible. This is the true meaning of Parinamana, that is, turning one’s merit over to others for their spiritual interest.

If there were a larger Lanka containing all these verses in the Sagathakam in the body of the text, or if there were a Lanka with the verses alone and as lankaavtara separete text which laniavatara later on put together with the present one, lankavataga all these verses as a whole to be regarded as belonging to the same period?

Thus we see that the end of the religious discipline is to go beyond intellectualism, for to discriminate, to divide, is the function of the intellect. What is the evil? But when one understands what is ultimately meant by Cittamatra Mind-only or by Vivikta-dharma the Solitarythe negations are on the plane of relativity lakavatara intellection. The T’ang version could not perhaps be so perfect as it is unless it had two or three predecessors.

Mahayana sutras Vaipulya sutras Yogacara Buddha-nature. The Sanskrit text itself as we have it is still far from being perfect, and there is no doubt that Nanjo’s edition requires many corrections in order to yield a more intelligible reading.

They do not discriminate, nor are they discriminated.

The Lankavatara Sutra. A Mahayana Text

The orders are then faithfully executed. In popular minds the god is no more masculine than feminine; if anything, more feminine, because of mercy being more reality associated with eternal femininity. Wherefore is the state of imagelessness, the gradations, and whence are the sons of the Victorious? That is to say, if the Garbha or the Alaya while absolutely neutral lankavatarra colourless in itself did not yet harbour in itself a certain irrationality, no sentient beings would ever be a Buddha, no enlightenment would be experienced by any human beings.

John rated it it was amazing Jan 04, The Buddha is thus personal as well as metaphysical. This is a kind of scientific knowledge based on analysis. It is, instead straightforward in expression and notes down in a somewhat sketchy style almost all the ideas belonging to the different schools of Mahayana Buddhism. The latter proved a good match for the eloquence of the lay-disciple of the Buddha.


These irregularities, at least in one case, show that there was a larger Lanka containing 36, slokas 1 as referred to in Fa-tsang’s lankavqtara, 2 and in another case that the Lanka was also lankqvatara, or contained, a chapter known as the “Essence of all the Buddha-teachings” which is indeed a sort of subtitle given to the four-volume Chinese Lanka by Gunabhadra Sunga. We must therefore endeavour to take hold of reality, but this reality is not something altogether solitary.

This sutra included many interesting doctrines of the Yogacara school, and is seen as a central test to Boddhidharam, and Ch’an or Zen Buddhism. With the former he realises that this world of particulars has no reality, is devoid of an ego-substance anatman and that in this sense it resembles Maya or a visionary flower in the air. The reason why the ‘Tathagatas’ who are Arhats and lakavatara enlightened Ones teach the doctrine pointing to the suzukki which is a state of non-discrimination and image-less, is to make the ignorant cast aside their fear when they listen to teaching of lankavaara.

For this reason it is said that the Lankavatada speaks one language of enlightenment, which reverberates in the ears of his hearers in all possible sounds. There is Another equally valuable history of Zen Buddhism which was also discovered in the Tung-huang cave. This will become clearer later on. But evidently in this connection where Vastu is Tathata, it must mean the highest lankavatata. A text of basic importance, the Mahayana Buddhist Lankavatara Sutra c.

Laṅkāvatāra Sūtra – Wikipedia

It is another Mahayana sutra that has influenced the Chinese and the Japanese mind profoundly. Where does that which is abiding arise? If some one declares such reality as maintained by the Mahayana is too ethereal, lankavahara phantom-like, too unreal for our religious aspirations, the Lanka will immediately retort, “You are still on the plane of relativity.

The Manovijnana is meant for the objective world where causality prevails as regards forms, appearances, conditions, and figures. For thoughts of deep signification are presented in a most unsystematic manner. Jan 26, Kelly Head rated it it was ok. The habit-energy vasana thus created takes complete hold on the Alayavijnana, and Alaya the Absolute is forever unable to extricate itself from these encumbrances.

Studies in the Lankavatara Sutra

In order to enter upon the stage of self-realisation as attained by the Tathagatas, the discipline is to be pursued by thee. Materially, no visible results can be expected of lanjavatara kind of undertaking, and yet a scholar has his worldly needs to meet. Emptiness taught in the Mahayana texts goes far deeper into the matter.


Thou dost not vanish in Nirvana, nor is Nirvana abiding in thee; for it transcends the duality of knowing and known and of being and non-being. These obscurities are found more in the Sagathakam, because the verses presuppose much knowledge of the matter treated therein, and this knowledge involves at present much more scholarship and intellectual perspicuity than the present translator lanksvatara command.

Further, the Meat-eating chapter also suffered certain modifications, especially in the Wei one. But the idea that the truth is not found in the dualistic way of interpreting existence, that it is beyond the category of being and non-being, is everywhere emphasised in the Lanka.

The Citta as a cumulative faculty is thus identified lankavatafa the Alayavijnana. He then sees the venerable Mahamati the Bodhisattva before each Buddha preaching about the spiritual discipline of one’s euzuki life, and also sees [the Bodhisattva] surrounded by all the Yakshas and families and talking about names, words, phrases, and paragraphs. In paragraphing too I have often disregarded Nanjo.

As they are not clear-sighted, something is to be devised to lead them to the right path, and this something must be in accord with their mentalities. It is an intuitive understanding which, penetrating through the surface of existence, sees into that which is the reason of everything logically and ontologically. Want to Read Currently Suttra Read.

Therefore, in the Lanka this Citta is frequently described in ontological terms. Indeed, the Blessed One, surrounded and accompanied by an in-numerable host of Nagakanyas including Sakra and Brahma, came out of the palace of the King of Sea-serpents; and looking at the waves of the ocean and also at the mental agitations going on in those assembled, [he thought of] the ocean of the Alayavijnana where the evolving Vijnanas [like the waves] are stirred by the wind of objectivity.

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Pray tell me, O Bull-like Victor? The sons of the Buddha and myself are anxious to listen to it.

As a natural consequence the Lanka questions the appropriateness of categories and the reliance on language — if it is clear about anything, it is that philosophy is a ruse — and it slips into Zen territory.