Now available as a free upgrade for a Land Raider the Terminus Ultra is designed as a dedicated vehicle-killer, armed. About. Warhammer 40k is a franchise created by Games Workshop, detailing the far future and the grim darkness it holds. The main attraction. I was really excited to see the Land Raider Terminus Ultra in the Imperium Index 1. It is a whopping 30 Power Level and at *updated*

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Its armor is impervious to the Lance and Melta special rules and most other weapons suffer a -1 on armor penetration rolls essentially its armor is the same as a Necron Monolith’s prior to the 5th Edition codex, it’s just that the rules are given different names.

In extreme circumstances these amazing war engines have even been teleported directly onto the battlefield, through the use of ancient Godstrike-pattern teleportariums. Plently of players take two las-predators or a couple devastator squads with 4 lascannons each. But that isn’t the best part. Its a transfer from the Ultramarine transfer sheet Rider has for sale little over a year ago. Submit a new text post.

Land Raider

The main attraction of 40k is the miniatures, but there are also many video games, board games, books, ect. I love the Ultramarine colours. Unfortunately, even with the entire troop compartment given over to power generation and regulation, the Terminus Ultra can still take irreversible damage from massive and uncontrollable power surges caused by raiedr firing of its weapons.

Loyalists should use it like a spearhead linebreaker, systematically killing tanks while screwing with reserves, and to safely transport some plasma gunners to rapid fire range.


Orion Gunship – Stormbird. Views Read Edit View history. So, on the wargame side of things, this thing is the metal-est box on the terminnus.

Land Raider Terminus Ultra

The Yang to the Ares’s Yin, and the second of the ” fuck transporting! Ads by Project Wonderful! Watch and see Chaos players weep bitter tears as this machine proceeds to unload its cargo of holy retribution and cleanse their heretical armies into smoking cinders. It was originally designed by the Red Scorpionswho didn’t trust the Imperial Guard to provide them with artillery support.

Meet-up for games X-post. How can we make this lord of war worth the points? Painting Guides by Codex Home.

I took my time on this Land Raider since its a Lord of War, I wanted it to stand out even more when its on the battlefield. At points, this model can easily stop a knight in its tracks! The Helios Pattern Land Raider is designed for fire support, replacing the usual Heavy Bolters with a pair of twin-linked Lascannons and sacrificing ten transport spaces for a missile battery from a Whirlwind.

Not bad, does its job fairly well. Submit a new link. The Excelsior is a command vehicle, equipped with augur and communications arrays to effectively deliver orders on the battlefield.

AV14 all around makes it a tough nut to crack without dedicated anti-armor weapons, and the Land Raider still is likely to survive the opening salvo, especially if it has extra armor. Daemon Engines of Slaanesh: Your ad here, right now: Once the thing’s been made suitably Orkyit makes for a great Battlewagon, and though most Orks extensively modify the design until little of the vehicle’s original shape remains, a few enterprising Orks like the boxy design of the Land Raider, and modify their vehicle accordingly.

  1N4001 DIYOT PDF

Drop Pod – Razorback – Rhino.

Land Raider – 1d4chan

This subreddit for anything and everything related to Warhammer 40k. Is it playable and good in 8th? Venerable Dreadnought – Deathwatch Dreadnought. They bring back a limited Land Raider as a Lord of War, but make it Ultramarines faction They change the sheet to make it any chapter, but designate it for Open Play.

If anything, its most common varients are a form of Infantry Tank with troop carrying capability. The best part is that Chaos gets it too. Aim away from eyes and face. This tank offers a lot of tactical choices now, such as the choice between using your warlord as the beatstick he most likely is, and keeping him inside the tank to buff the army.

So, there was no reason for them to be designed with combat practicality or effectiveness in mind. I do not own a Predator yet, but I have the Knight and the Ultra.

Plop these in a nice easily defended spot where your enemy will have to bring his vehicles, super-heavy vehicles, high value HQ units, monstrous creatures, and gargantuan through and turn their most valuable units into swiss cheese. I’m buying one because of Mortation T Forces of the Adeptus Custodes Command: Spot1cus July 7, at 7: Spot1cus July 8, at 5: In any case, the number of Chapters which do have a Prometheus within their Armories is unknown.

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