Full text of “Lalita Vistara English Translation Fasc 12 Rajendralala Mitra bis The Lalita-Vistara; or, Memoirs of the early life of Sakya Sinha BIBLIOTHECA. E. including an English translation by R. and to have this newly assembled literature be afforded the same inspired status as other instances of “the words of the. I only know Lalitavistara from Gwendolyn Bays’ translation from the French (The Voice . Thanks for that V. ‘The play in full’ is scarcely English.

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O lion of disputants, feeling mercy and compassion for all created beings, now descend to bestow the gift of religion.

Rambling from tree to tree, strolling from one parterre to another, now looking at this tree, then at another, she came near the waved-leaved fig tree Ficus infectoriaPlaksha. Several Devaputras and Bodhi- sattvas who had flocked from the ten quarters of the globe, and had attained places equal to himself, who were free from the company even of Apsarasas, 2 and of all newly created Devaputras, who claimed equal precedence for all, and comprised a retinue of sixty-eight thousand kotis six hundred and eighty billionsentered the temple likewise, and betook to their respective seats.

The authorities are not unanimous on the subject, and it would take too much space to note all the differences observable in Buddhist works in Nepal, Ceylon, China and Mongolia.

Between the 1st Century CE and the 3rd Century CE there were many diverse attempts to “add” several of the score of New Thinking ideas that later in retrospect all became aggregated into a definition of a Mahayana.

Regarding this it may be said: I have failed to identify this instrument. Verses regarding the same. Enter this, O pure being! Thus, Bhikshus, did the coming Bodhisattva remain in glory in the womb of his mother.

Meru or Sumeru, means the great mountain which is fabled trasnlation stand on the centre of the earth, and round which the seven oceans and continents are located. If feel rather homeless. Mantranaya is the earlier term for the esoteric Mahayana teachings emphasizing mantras. Further, Bhikshus, on the instant the Bodhisattva was born there were alms given in profusion.

Join your ten nails, lalitavvistara down your head, and enter the grove, O king, with a humbled, devout mind. Because Bodhisattvas are not born in a low family, such as that of a Chandala or of a basket-maker, or of a chariot-maker, or of a Pukkasa one born of a Nishadha by a S englih female. All were averted trahslation all hurtful actions. There were running, great running, and complete running. Through his miraculous power the great sage Asita passed away through the sky, and reached his hermitage.


The Lalitavistara is written in both prose and verses. Of the height worthy of an infant six months oldp. In the Tibetan the name is Vadsa, a country of which Kausambi or Vatsapaftana was the capital. If the mother, in her dream, behold A white elephant enter her right side, That mothor, when she bears a son, Shall bear one chief of all the world Buddha ; Able to profit all flesh ; Equally poised between preference lalitavitsara dislike; Able to save and deliver the world and men From the deep sea of misery and grief.

It may be taken for certain that a version little different from our Lalitavistara was known to the artists who about decorated with images the celebrated temple of Borobudur in Java.

Early Buddhist Texts – Lalitavistara

Both the dates and the number of the convocations entlish lately been questioned by competent scholars. What a wonderful text. There was no harshness in her, nor roughness; she was placid and smiling and guileless.

When proceeding on, he caused a light to issue forth from his person. They bear the same relation to Upasakas householders as the friars of the Christian Church do to the laity, with this exception that, while the latter are eligible to clerical duties, the former are bound to devote their whole life to the study of the doctrines of their faith, to meditation, and to the acquirement of those excellencies which characterise a perfect Buddha, without ever being allowed to engage themselves in any priestly occupation.

The legend of the Chakra-ratna is no doubt an after-contrivance intended to adapt the title for a Buddha prince.

Around it flowed costly tissue in exquisite profusion, and Apsarasas played, danced, and sang in ecstacy. Those Devaputras who held their places around him, and belonged to the same order Yana with himself, also entered the temple.

New Lalitavistara Sutra translation – Dharma Wheel

In that third pavilion, redolent with exquisite aroma, was the bedstead placed and arranged. The grammatical etymology is, he who abides in, or rules over, an extensive territory called a Chakra! How does a Chakravartl raja obtain a precious steward? This day, thou shalt quickly give birth to the noble physician who will be the destroyer of decay and death.


I do not know if the Yakshas of the text are different from these Pauranic demigods, but think not. People from 28 the great city of Kapilavastu having come, presented themselves before king S’uddhadana. His address to the congregation. I know this for certain, O king, that whosoever has on his body the thirty-two noble and untainted signs, has one of two careers open to him, and not a third; he will either become a Chakravarti sovereign, or a Buddha, the noblest of men.

The season was the spring, the trees were covered with new leaves and flowers, and she longed for a change by way of recreation. Having done so, he made the guests take their seats thereon.

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She is stainless as the sun, lustrous as the moon, and her spirituality casts its radiance over her. The king, in delight, is beholding the procession. See the chart comparing them here: In the Burmese the survey of the different ruling dynasties is altogether omitted. lalitxvistara

The cries of these animals are believed to be portents of evil. Unto him will be born a thousand sons, valorous, heroic, handsome, and oppressors of enemical armies. The king, S’uddhodana, forsaking all worldly affairs, and the society of even pure women, and adopting the life of a Brahma- chari, engaged himself in religious work, even as if he had retired to a grove of penance 20 Tajpovana. Why did lallitavistara Bodhisattva reflect on time? Your son, endowed with all the signs of the jewel of a great race, is thriving: At that time sixty hundreds of thousands of Apsarases, along with Kdmavachara Devas, engaged themselves in her service.

She alone possesses all the qualities of a Buddha’s mother. So was verily Bodhisattva fully endowed with the religion.