Labor Law Codal Law Books by Rex Book Store. Labor Code of the Philippines: Presidential Decree No. , as Amended, Full- service law firm in the Philippines with worldwide affiliates. Visit CHAN ROBLES . Name of Decree. – This Decree shall be known as the “Labor Code of the Philippines”. ARTICLE 2. Date of effectivity. – This Code shall take effect six (6) months.

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In case the System philippinew in doubt as to the respective rights of rival claimants, it shall institute the appropriate proceedings for determination of the proper beneficiary.

Right to Weekly Rest Day. For union dues, in cases where the right of the worker or his union to check-off has been recognized by the employer or authorized in writing by the individual worker concerned; and. Meaning of Duty to Bargain Collectively.

Labor Code of the Philippines, as Amended

As amended by Section 5, Presidential Decree No. The Council shall have a Secretariat headed by a Director-General who shall be assisted by a Deputy Director-General, both of whom shall be career administrators appointed by the President of the Philippines on recommendation of the Secretary of Labor. The appo intive me mb e r shall have philipipnes le ast five co mpe nsatio n o r so cial se curity pro g rams. To call, from time to time, a national tripartite conference of representatives lbor government, workers and employers for the consideration of measures to promote wage rationalization and productivity; and.

In his ab se nceany me mb e r may de sig nate an o fficial o f the institutio n he se rve s o n full-time b asis as his re pre se ntative to act in his b e half. It is the po licy o f the State: It is the policy of the State — To promote and maintain a state of full employment through improved manpower training, allocation and utilization; To protect every citizen desiring to work locally or overseas by securing for him the best possible terms and conditions of employment; To facilitate a free choice of available employment by persons seeking work in conformity with the national interest; To facilitate and regulate the movement of workers in conformity with the national interest; To regulate the employment of nonresident aliens; To strengthen the network of public employment offices and to undertake the phasing out of private fee-charging employment agencies; and To insure careful selection of Filipino workers for overseas pf in order to protect the good name of the Philippines abroad.

The Secretary of Labor shall promulgate a schedule of fees for the registration of all applicants for license or authority. As use d in this Title: Employment Without a Fixed Period.

An employee who is unjustly dismissed from work shall be entitled to reinstatement without loss of seniority rights and to his back wages computed from the time his compensation was withheld from him up to the time of his reinstatement. In case o f cance llatio n, no thing he re in shall re strict the rig ht o f the unio n to se e k just and e q uitab le re me die s in the appro priate co urts.

If the dom estic worker is unjustly dism issed, the dom estic worker shall be paid the com pensation already earned plus the equi valent of fifteen philippknes days work by way of indem nity. Every apprenticeship agreement entered into under this Title shall be vodal by the appropriate apprenticeship committees, if any, and a copy thereof shall be furnished both the employer and the apprentice.


Labor Code of the Philippines

Establishments which are required by law to maintain a clinic or infirmary shall provide free family planning services to their employees which shall include, but not be limited to, the application or use of contraceptive pills and intrauterine devices.

The pro visio ns o f this Title shall apply to e mplo ye e s in all e stab lishme nts and unde rtaking s whe the cdal fo r pro coce o r no t, b ut no t to g o ve rnme nt e mplo ye e s, manag e rial e mplo ye e s, fie ld pe rso nne l, me mb e rs o f the family o f the e mplo ye r who are de pe nde nt o n him fo r sup po rt, do me stic he lpe rs, pe rso ns in the pe rso nal se rvice o f ano the r, and wo rke rs who are paid b y re sults as de te rmine d b y the Se cre tary o f Lab o r in appro priate re g ulatio ns.

Emergency Medical and Dental Services. The Secretariat shall have an Office of Manpower Planning and Development, a National Manpower Skills Center, regional manpower development centers, and such other offices as may be deemed necessary.

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Within twe nty-fo ur ho urs, a he aring shall b e co nducte d to de te rmine whe the r an o rde r fo r the sto ppag e o f wo rk o r suspe nsio n o f o coddal ratio ns shall b e lifte d o r no t. Strikes are also authorized for as long as they comply with the strict requirements under the Code, and workers who organize or participate in illegal strikes may be subject to dismissal.

It shall avail itself of the services of the Government as may be required.

Private sector participation in the recruitment and placement of workers. Amputation between knee and ankle shall be considered loss of a foot.

The defaulting employee shall be solely liable to the System during the entire period of default for payment of compensation and related benefits which may have been paid by the System to his employees or their dependents, and any and all premiums, compensation and related benefits and other expenses to which such employer is liable shall constitute a lien on all his property, real and personal, which is hereby declared to be preferred to any credit except taxes.

In case said o rde r invo lve s a mo ne tary award, an appe al b y the e mplo ye r may b e pe rfe cte d o nly upo n the labot sting o f a cash o r sure ty b o nd issue d b fodal a re putab le b o nding co mpany duly accre dite d b y the Se cre tary o f Lab o r and Emplo yme nt in the amo unt e q uivale nt to the mo ne tary award in the o rde r appe ale d fro m.

In order to lablr the national manpower development effort, all manpower training schemes as provided for in this Code shall be coordinated with the Council particularly those having to do with the setting of skills standards. It prescribes the rules for hiring and termination of private employees; the conditions of work including maximum work hours and overtime; employee benefits such as holiday pay, thirteenth month philippihes and retirement pay; and the guidelines in the organization and membership in labor unions as well as coxal collective bargaining.

The Co mmissio n shall e nsure ade philoppines uate co ve rag e o f Filipino e mplo ye e s e mplo ye d ab ro ad, sub je ct to re g ulatio ns as it may pre scrib e. Conditions for Registration of Federations or National Unions. Ille g al Re c ruitme nt. If the duration of the household service is not determined either in stipulation or by the nature of the service, the employer or the househelper may give notice to put an end to the relationship five 5 days before the intended termination of the service.


The Division shall maintain a file of all collective bargaining agreements and other related agreements, records of settlement of labor disputes, and copies of orders, awards and decisions of the Commission and voluntary arbitrators. When the disability or death is caused by circumstances creating a legal liability against a third party, the disabled employee or the dependents, in case of his death, shall be paid by the System under this Title.

The Secretary of Labor and Employment may likewise order stoppage of work or suspension philjppines operations of any unit or department of labof establishment when non-compliance with the law or implementing rules cdoe regulations poses grave and imminent danger to the health and safety of workers in the workplace.

Tje fe e shall b e always co ve re d with the appro priate re philippimes ipt cle arly sho wing the amo unt paid. In such case s, the pe rso n o r inte rme diary shall b e co nside re d hte re ly as an ag e nt o f the e mplo ye r who shall b e re spo nsib le pihlippines the wo rke rs in the same manne r and e xte nt as if the latte r we re dire ctly e mplo ye d b y him.

The Secretary or his duly authorized representatives shall issue writs of execution to the appropriate authority for the enforcement of their orders, except in cases where the employer contests the findings of the labor employment and enforcement officer and raises issues supported by documentary proofs which were not considered in the course of inspection.

Any violation of this Chapter or its implementing rules and regulations shall be subject to the general penalty clause provided for in this Code. The Commission shall, within one year after the effectivity of this Code, formulate an integrated program for the proper implementation of Program II as envisioned in this Philippinea. Except in cases where the notice is not required as stated in Article the right to compensation and related benefits for injury or death shall be barred unless notice is given within two 2 years from occurrence of such injury or death.

De d uc tib ility o f Training Co sts. In case o f any de ficie ncy, the same shall b e co ve re d b y supple me ntal appro priatio ns fro m the natio nal g o xode rnme nt. The regional offices of the Ministry of Labor shall have the original and exclusive jurisdiction over all matters or cases involving employer-employee relations including money claims, arising out of or by virtue of any law or contracts involving Filipino workers for overseas employment except seamen: It shall have the power and duty:.

As amended by Section 19 [c], Executive Order No.

Pro vide d, further, That tho se ho use he lpe rs who are re ce iving at le ast O ne Tho usand pe so s P1, The federation or national union which meets the requirements and conditions herein prescribed may organize and affiliate locals ;hilippines chapters without registering such locals or chapters with the Bureau.

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