Shihan ni rei, Bow to the karate master. Shinzen ni rei, Bow to show respect for the dojo. Sensei ni rei, Bow to the karate teacher. Sempai ni rei, Bow to the karate . Terminology for Beginners. If you are new to Kyokushin, it may seem difficult to understand what’s going on. But don’t worry, everyone started out feeling exactly . West Island Karate and Karaté de L’Île are Kyokushin Karate schools in Beaconsfield and Île-Perrot on the west island of Montreal, General Terminology.

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Tobi Mawashi – Geri. The designated front wall of a Dojo. This symbol is worn universally on the front left of the gi jacket.

Budo Karate

A proper sitting position used for the formal opening and closing of the class, termknology whenever the instructor asks students to sit on the side to watch a demonstration of techniques or kata. The book is so complete, that I am mandating that all students have their very own copy. Seiken Gedan – Tsuki. Uchi Hachi Ji Dachi. Jodan Mae Hiza – Geri. Also helps focus mental energy and display spirit. Koken Chudan Uchi – Uke.


Tettsui Ganmen – Uchi. A comprehensive book that takes a student from “Beginner to Black Belt”. Shin meaning “Truth” or “Reality”. The thick sections at the sides represent the wrists, symbolizing power. Chudan Mae – Geri.

Kihon Terminology

Sensei Mark Tyson Phone: Shotei Morote Jodan – Uke. Seiken Jyuji Gedan – Uke. Seiken Chudan Uchi – Uke. Uraken Sayu – Uchi.

Middle Side Backhand Strike. Matsushima and we are very lucky to have it. Kakato Age – Geri.

Haito Mae Gedan – Uchi. Descending Inverted-Fist Strike to the Face. Rising Inverted-Fist Strike to the Jaw.

Shihan Tony Bowden – Australia.

Seiken Tate Jodan – Tsuki. The newly printed syllabus comes in two parts booklets.

Shuto Sakotsu – Uchikomi. Shuto Uchi – Uke. Kai meaning “Association” or “To join”. My adult classes now have the materials they need to keep them on track.

trrminology Shuto Gedan – Barai. The Kiai The kiai in it’s basic form is a shout kyoushin is used to emphasise and develop courage, character, power, endurance and breath control. Bo Kihon Sono Ichi. Tettsui Oroshi – Uchi. Kakato Gedan Mae – Geri. Chudan Mawashi – Geri. Uraken Mawashi – Uchi. Prescribed sequences of techniques performed with specific rhythm and timing KI kee: Both Knife-Hands Lower Block. Shuto Ganmen – Uchi. Sune Gedan Mawashi – Geri. The calligraphy is a symbol of Kyokushinkai.


There is over eight and half hours of video in this five set DVD. Shihan John Taylor Ph: A short, loud shout accompanying a sharp, strong technique. Spectators will be treated to great displays of skill, speed and power during this event.