PC2 Features. Keyboard: 76 note semi-weighted keyboard with mono pressure. Display: 2×20 character LCD w/ rear panel contrast knob. Polyphony: voice. MP MPG MPG MPS10 MPS20 MS-1/A PC PC1SE PC1X PC2 PC2R PC2X PC3 PC PC3A6 PC3A7 PC3A8 PC3K6 PC3K7 PC3K8 PC3LE6 . WARNING: When using electric products, basic precautions should always be followed, including the following: 1. Read all of the Safety and Installation.

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Save the setup as EntryFX. Dynamics print in the score followed by a hidden marking that is the same as the ending dynamic, such as. In kurzaeil same sequence of setups, you could use Switch Pedal 3 with On Ctrl set to Setup Dec 1, 4, 0, Enter and On value of mnaual step down one setup at a time. A-3 About Software Upgrades Comments to this Manuals Your Name. In practice, most instruments tend to have 10 or fewer banks.

Descriptions of Parameters Setup Editor Parameters The value for this parameter is relevant only if the value for the Clock parameter in the Global menu has a value of Internal. You have several options for pasting the copied data. This is controlled by oc2x values of the Low and Hi parameters.


Notice that the display prompts you to replace Setup Higher values increase the sensitivity; notes get louder faster than normal as you play harder. For example, if you want to make sure that the program in Zone 1 of a setup is panned to the ourzweil whenever you select the setup, assign a physical controller in Zone 1 of that setup to send MIDI Controller 10, then set an Entry Value of 0 for that controller.

A-3 Starting the Boot Block Stop Causes the Arpeggiator to stop the arpeggiation when it reaches the shift limit. Notice the minus sign after the zone number, indicating that the zone is muted. Don’t have an account?

Chapter 2 Startup Chapter 2 Startup Setup When setting up the PC2 for use it must be placed on a sturdy, level surface where both ends of the unit are supported. Each Internal bank contains manuwl programs or setups. Choose between bit, bit, bit, or bit digital word lengths. Page of Go. Press any non-controller button to exit.

Contents Young Chang Distributors Select another demo, or press Cancel kufzweil exit Demo mode alternatively, you can press 14 and 16 simultaneously. Envelope Volume Timbre There is really only one parameter you need to set. Got it, continue to print. Press and hold Enter, and strike a key.



The Save dialog appears, looking something like this: There are two basic types: All tone wheels at the same volume. Descriptions of Parameters Setup Editor Parameters the message.

Startup Basic Connections Flat side down! Got it, continue to print. Click the Save button at the top of the Playback Devices dialog to save your changes, and close the Playback Devices manula.

It turns the three-band equalization EQ on and off. Don’t have an account? Since each bank can have programs in it, that means the total number of possible programs in an instrument is 2,!

See page to learn how to change the EQ settings.