This page contains information about the Owners Manual for the PC1X from Kurzweil Music Systems. This page contains information about the PC1 Series User Guide for the PC1X from Kurzweil Music Systems. Contact the nearest Kurzweil office listed below to locate your local Kurzweil unit’s weight (about 50 pounds for a PC1X, 23 pounds for a PC). If you are.

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Nice, diverse bank of manuwl which are easily edited or disabled when necessary. It’s all on the internet. A sustain pedal is supplied in addition to the device which n is not seen anything that you pretty much have to make the purchase when it is provided in competition. You can then simply leave the keyboard in edit mode for selecting sounds the last thing you would mannual doing.

Editing is geared lurzweil creating. You are not logged in. Switch to Threaded Mode. If the touch is fairly lightweight, it is consistent it is not heavier in the bass and more lightweight in AIGS. Mine is over 3 years old and I will likely buy a new one soon and keep this old girl around for a spare.

Kurzweil Music Systems – PC1X – Owners Manual

The still nothing compares to the competition. You need to be a member in order to leave a review. Splits, Layers, Dual – Demo Songs: However, it is by far the best keyboard digital piano to reach the market.

The strings are deceptive. Half-damper functionality allows different levels of sustain depending on how far you press the pedal.


Par example if I play do-r-do fast enough, and 2nd do well going out, while this is not the desired effect. Myself being a pianist I have to say that the quality of samples is stirring. Enjoy playing along with your favorite pre-recorded backing tracks to enhance your piano performances. Register a new account. Another completely idiotic afterthought is the fact that you have to scroll down through 16 pages of the global menu to find the transposer.


Headphones feature a closed-back construction with soft ear cushions and well-shaped headband that ensure comfort and reduce long p1x fatigue. If you get stuck, get in touch with Kurz support and they’ll get you sorted. The manual is big and complete, although not always easy for this technophobe to understand.

But, I can always find one that matches the room I am playing in well. DC 15V, 4A external power supply. I wouldn’t rate them as the best out there, but they do a fine job of cutting through a less-than-perfect stage mix and crowd noise. User can user the VA-1’s power-shaped, anti-aliasing oscillators including supersaw, triplesaw, and hard sync oscillators combined with a newer, larger set of V. Featuring a contemporary cabinet with slow-close fallboard, the beautifully designed CUP1 stands approximately 42 inches high and will complement any home, school or formal music environment.

It msnual quite clear, it may be lack of illustrations, but there always comes Don’t have an account? I’m practicing with a band that has a PC1X available for me to use at practice.

Dave Weiser Platinum Member Registered: KA90 Digital stage piano with note, fully weighted hammer action keyboard with adjustable touch sensitivity. I have to go look at the actual steps to do such, but it is in the menu when loading the patch and building the zone basically adjusting the “midi” volume parameter between 0 and IIRCC – will take a look at it again for you Kurzweil KB 88 Keyboard bag Product code: Little extra for me is a pleasant surprise: With a handy exterior oversized pocket, gig bag also makes it easy to carry cables, power supplies, and other accessories.


MSR A digital piano with a dynamic hammer graded mechanism and a keyboard with 88 keys. You need to alter the volume by editing the setup. What were they thinking?? Page of 4 Go. I have had this board forever but have only used it as a portable piano. Keyboard and Controllers There are two PC1 models. It offers 64 voices of polyphony, which suffices for the needs of a beginner and a slightly advanced player.

Enjoy a variety of instrument selections featuring our Triple Strike piano, organs, guitars, strings, and more. The config is simple and uneventful.

Create the original split and get the volume controls set up the way you like them. One can assemble the Multi and select each sound as needed. It provides voice, dynamically allocated polyphony, 16 character LCD with front-panel contrast adjust, 16 multitimbral parts one per MIDI channel and factory presets taken from the acclaimed PC3 sound set, including select KB3 organs and KVA synths.

So the sounds are not on top of technology, and remain for me the sounds iurzweil old gnration Do the A and B knobs control volume? I was skeptical that buy an instrument without trying I do not regret my purchase and I would janual that if c pc1z to be rebuilt We believed from the first notes on the keyboard of the greatest concert grand pianos. You can configure the PC1 to use the ribbon as a single large controller, or a three section controller with independent settings for each section.