Samaysaar – is one of the few works, of this greatest of ascetics, that have survived the passage of time. Samaysaar’s main purpose is to. Granth samaysaar- the most famous scripture of Jain mythology, was written by Acharaya Kundkund, about years ago. Acharya Kundkund is taken in high. Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Acharya, ioned.

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Take a look at the kinds of fear that we entertain: Help Center Find new research papers in: The souls which rest on the pure self are called the Real Self. The one who believes that the soul that acts is absolutely different from the soul that enjoys is a wrong believer and does not have faith in the teachings of the Omniscient Lord.

Thus, the knowledgeable Self realizes the true nature of the Self, wamaysaar the ignorant, being camouflaged by nescience, gets kunkund with impure psychic states such as attachment.

I am just one, the knower. For example — tks fg lqns.

The stickiness of oil applied on his body is the reason for him attracting dust particles; know for sure that this attraction kunkund not due to his bodily actions. This Gatha gives samaysaae illustration of the practical point of view, which has been said samaysaae be a means for explaining the real point of view.

This hypothesis will entail that all souls in this world will surely become non-soul too. To associate this Self with bondage, therefore, will be a self-contradictory narration. Just as chalk does not become one with an alien samayzaar, but retains its own identity characterized by whiteness, similarly, the Self with right faith, while ascertaining an external object as it is, does not become one with that object, but retains his own identity ssmaysaar possessor of right faith.


How can one say samaysasr a particular physical matter belongs to him? Therefore, discarding all alleged external insignia of monks and householders, lead your soul to the path to liberation by immersing it in right faith, knowledge, and conduct. Therefore being non-assimilative the pure soul neither assimilates nor discards any alien substances — animate or inanimate. Since the soul, on its own accord, is incapable of increasing or decreasing its spatial points, how can you say that the soul transforms itself by itself?

They are existent but are not fit for enjoyment till they mature; just as a child-wife is not fit for enjoyment by the husband. He is thus the driving force behind the fruition of the present work; I salute him and make obeisance humble at his worshipful feet. This is also mentioned in the Gita as kundund below: You cannot but marvel at the fineness, in terms of erudition as well as error-free printing in that era of letterpress technology, of the text.

It paralyzes all the bodily muscles and consumes the vital force. In this way, the soul and various species of karmas get bonded to each other.

Acharya Kundkund’s Samayasara, With Hindi and English Translation | Vijay K. Jain –

But only the physical matter assumes modification as a result of karmic disposition and, therefore, this modification in physical matter is distinct from the psychic modes, like attachment and nescience, of the connecting agent, the Self. Without aamaysaar an effort, he cannot get freedom for a very long time. O bhavyas potential aspirants to liberation! Non-repentance, non-pursuit, non-abandonment, non- concentration, non-abstinence, non-self-censure, non- confession, and non-purification, samaywaar eight constitute the nectar-pot because these forbid the soul to be a doer.

How can such an entity be regarded as physical matter? Therefore, it follows that— The soul which smaysaar its consciousness in the psychic state of anger is anger itself; the soul which manifests its consciousness in the psychic state of pride is pride itself; the soul which manifests its consciousness in the psychic state of deceitfulness is deceitfulness itself; and the soul which manifests its consciousness in the psychic state of greed is greed itself.


In the same way, a person, who considers an alien substance to be his own, and then identifies himself with it, is, without doubt, a wrong believer. The soul which is devoid of self- devotion is a guilty soul. He has tender affection for all, especially for those engaged in the propagation of the teachings of Kundkunf Jina.

That Self becomes the causal agent of impure modifications szmaysaar his consciousness.

The enlightened soul has infinite glory. Therefore, one who adores the divine attributes of the Omniscient Lord truly worships Him. Badhte Charan Junior K. If he attains purity by abandoning attachment etc.

Publisher – Shree Simandhar Kundkund Kahan Aadhyatmik Trust, Rajkot

Unrecognized language CS1 Hindi-language sources hi All stub articles. Good health can never be ensured through a medical insurance. He is an ocean of knowledge; an institution of learning in himself. The Omniscient Lords declare that right faith, knowledge, and conduct together constitute the path to liberation. There is no faith, knowledge, and conduct whatsoever in the non-conscious body, therefore, what can the soul destroy in such bodies?

Divya Dhvani Prakashak: Samaysaar-by Kundkund Acharya

The previously bonded karmas transform from being unfit for enjoyment, to fit for enjoyment. Diwali Mahavir Jayanti Paryushana Samvatsari. Only the attainment of Self that is free from all attachments is not easy. And without quasi-karmic matter, the cycle of births and deaths ceases to exist. You will attain supreme bliss through knowledge-adoration, knowledge- contentment, and knowledge-fulfillment.

Chhah Dhala – Dhal 5. It is to be liberated and enlightened.