Kulachudamani Tantra by Giriśacandra Vedantatirtha, , Sanskrit Press Depository edition, in Sanskrit. Kulachudamani Tantra – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Like all original works of Rantrika worship, this tantra is cast in. Kulachudamani Tantra. Edited By Girisha Chandra Vedantatirtha. With An Introd. By Akshaya Kumara Maitra (Sanskrit Edition) [Giriacandra Vedantatirtha] on.

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Dearest, I speak of the pure knowledge of Kulachara. Inside the lotuses and in the fifteen angles do pitha puja. This mantra has 26 syllables? Whichever Kaula kukachudamani seen by a young girl or woman, whether he be in village, city, festival, or at the crossroads, causes her to be filled with longing, her heart aching, her eyes darting glances, like a line of bees mad for honey falls on a lotus flower, greedy for nectar, like a female partridge for a cloud, like a cow for her recently born calf, like a female gazelle eager for young shoots of grass, like jackals for flesh, like a person tortured by thirst who sees water, like a dvamsi?

Dear son, taantra everything, and after offering and cooking for her, give grain, rice, wine, fish, flesh, ghee, honey and the other things which bestow success.

Dividing a piece of fruit in half, give one to the Kula Shakti, take the other one yourself, and then eat. The 64 Tantras given in the Vamakeshvara are as follows: The Devi, Mahamaya, appeared as Bhadra Kali – identical with Mahishamardini – according to the same text, in order to slay the demon Mahisha. Son, I live in this best of all pithas. The Devi who is said to be of the colour of Garuda stone emerald and bedecked with the crescent moon is described as sitting on the head of the buffalo.


There dwell millions of Shaktis and Mahishamardini herself.

Kulachudamani Tantra – G. Vedantatirtha – Google Books

After the destruction of Hiranyakashipu, Vishu’s wrath was not appeased. Therefore the union of Shiva and Shakti in the Sahasrara appears to be indicated. Chapter IV The devotee should we well versed in Vaishnavachara that is in Bhaktimarga before he can be permitted to adopt any of the special rites. The siddhis – or magical powers – play a large part in this text. Even given this, Mahadeva, my true nature still remains secret.

In this tantra the cult goddess is Mahishamardini, a Devi with some similarities to Durga. Therefore Thou art the Revealer of the Tantras.

Kulachudamani Tantra

It is of various and numerous meanings and is the goal and refuge of all pure disciples. The Sharadatilaka-tika of Raghava Bhatta says that in selecting the long vowels, ri, lri should be rejected as neuter vowels. I speak of the method relating to the yoga of liberation.

The devotee, after ablution, is directed to wear two pieces of cloth II. This doctrine is said to have been kept as a profound secret so that it had not been divulged even to Vishnu, Brahma nor Ganapa.

Then comes the ritual prescribed for the worship of Kfili in the cremation- ground.

Kulachudamani Tantra – Introduction

II 25 is a mistake in the manuscript for either or more probably for This criticism seems correct for there is no reason why the twice-born castes should be excluded.


Offering wine within the Kula area, devoted souls should then worship beautiful young women, duly initiated, wearing silken robes, garlands and so forth, giving them food, good milk and all the rest. The Kula substances should be to the west of the devata. The Mantra has been revealed in the usual Tantrika garb by the following verse: These three classes give us 24 works, while the rest are those named in the list.

With the question whether this claim is well founded I am not con- cerned but with the statement of the historical facts.

Kulachudamani Tantra Homam

It klachudamani Shangkha and Khetaka. The Tararahasyavrittika quoting the above verse from the Kameshvara Tantra adds that the baove are those usually enumerated but that a ninth is added by some namely the Chincha. In reply the Bhairavi first gives some general philosophical instruction in eleven verses I.

A mantrin then attains success in anjana – there is no doubt about this. Place a conch in the north east and draw a yantra there. I have various forms coloured black, red, yellow and blue. Thou art in every place and I am in every place. Neither present is Brahma, Hari or Shambhu or other Devas.

Only eight syllables should be disclosed, thus reducing the mantra to Mahishamardini Svaha. The names of a number of Tantras belonging to the sixty-four are next given.