THis may be a very dumb question, but how many grippers do I need for the KTA program. I heard someone mention in a post that you need a. Buy the KTA or RRBT grip programs and receive the other one FREE through Black Friday weekend. The KTA Program. I had considered trying out the RRBT and/or KTA programs recently, but upon .. I had been grip training for nearly four years at that point.

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Many trainees don’t know how to position the gripper in their hands. You’ve found the dogleg! Before starting the KTA I wasn’t doing any specific grip training so I was pretty much starting from scratch. This handle should be placed into your thumb when placing the gripper. I stopped KTA after that to focus on one arm chin-ups with a much stronger gripbut I know that the KTA is waiting and ready for me when I focus my training on the 3.

Policies Terms Site Map. Also, do you train both hands equally? On the test day, warmup as as normal, and try to close the gripper you want to close for singles. Phase 2, Week 3 For week 3, keep the volume the same and add an extra day of rest somewhere in the week. In addition, performing grip feats such as bending steel becomes very dangerous due to the highly fatigued state one will be in with this program.

Actually the thumb is a major reason for the bar rolling out, if you have a strong thumb it won’t roll into your fingers and finger strength isn’t as necessary. Plus, who had demonstrated so well things like proper sets and doglegs before KTA?



See the next page to find out. Of course, the proof is in the proverbial pudding I mean when you hold on to a bar your thumb itsn’t what gives it’s your fgures. I don’t want to say too much, and don’t want to spread any “secret info” or ruffle feathers. I would get to a point progrwm I wasn’t making any gains or ita of all getting weaker.

Eric Godfrey Certified Captain of Crush – Remember that the Corlett Constant is 0. It is quite similar to Patton’s theory of war-brutal, direct, and to the point.

You can do this by closing with two thumbs and trying to hold with one, holds for longer times, etc. Do NOT go thru the motions when doing this program. I have done both programs. I’m still making good progress doing my basic routine.

Michael Wayne Certified Captain of Crush An overcrush of super high force of seconds is better than an overcrush of 7 seconds where the handles are just “together”.

The severe negative is not a “fight to hold” from opening. Rpogram it’s 8 months later and I’m inconsistently closing the 2. He said he had to sit down right afterwards.

The KTA Program by Bill Piche

Fatiguing ‘seasons’ a gripper it gets softer based on the number of times it is fully closed. KTA is a program that demands a lot of hard work and dedication. My hands are sore throughout the day. Login or Sign Up.

You must have a high pain tolerance and dedication and discipline to follow the program. The reason I was able to close the COC 3 gripper, after prograk 12 weeks, was because I gfip decided to invest my time and effort into this feat I had been wanting to accomplish for a while.


The stronger your thumb, the better the base for the handles and the less likely you are to lose leverage due to the handle moving backwards when closing a gripper. I will not lie and say that it is easy. I’ve owned it for a while but have never closed it before Thursday night. Thanks for this great E-Book Martin Kotte. KTA has some good info in it and if you are relatively new to grippers it might be helpful – there are many who have a great deal of success using it. So alternate goal gripper with the strap holds and overcrushes.

A great exchange of information. Phase 1 Example Workout – Intermediate Here’s a sample first week workout for someone going from a 1 to a 2 gripper.

Originally Posted by sickonstorm. And haven’t missed a workout or one rep.

Negative Crush – Forcing shut a big gripper with the assistance of the opposite hand or a leg and instead of girp resisting the gripper when it opens one tries to actually close the gripper. I still have work to do since I only have completed the first phase, so I will keep you informed. You don’t deviate from the plan.

The KTA Gripper Program. – Forums

It is at the top of my list as far is goals are concerned. Just wanted to say thanks for a great program and I’d recommend KTA to anyone. In high school about 12 years ago I bought the Ivanko Supergripper. You must reach that level of mental toughness.