***SOLVED*** This is probably a very basic and stupid question. I have an image that I want to open another window(tab) when clicking on it. free, third party, open-source. ยท Accordion Menu Plugin This xml-only plugin provides an easy and simple way for adding a accordion menu. Open Plugin panel and click ” Save”. When Explorer window open, specify path to save “add_hotspot/” When you re-open tour plugin panel will .

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The changes are directly applied to hotspots and you can be visually controlled result. Create paired audio files, for example “sound1.

– Documentation – Using krpano locally / offline

Activate the tab, set desired view and angle in scene, set name to the view, create a hotspot in this location. Add hotspot – Make hotspot. Open Plugin panel and click ” Save”.

This method can be used by using the multi-resolution droplet. The Sound Interface plugin extends krpano with actions for playing and controlling sounds directly from xml. You will receive plug-in updates for free! Panel for hotspots creating.

Press and move mouse in the pressed state to the left zoom out or to the right zoom in. Select a video on youtube and click “share”. kdpano


– Plugins – Add Hotspot Plugin

Password Plugin A plugin that gives you the option to protect a scene, or any ‘action’ with a password. To make KRPano start processing your panoramasimply drag your image s onto the desired droplet option: Doubleclick Plugin A plugin that adds a doubleclick event to krpano. Farther the mouse is moved away from click locationwhen faster parameter changes. Orientation Plugin A plugin that detects changes in the device orientation so the tour can, for example, adjust its interface to either landscape or portrait displays.

Activate the tab krpqno clicking Open photo. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Activate the tab, set desired view and angle in scene, set name to the view, create a hotspot in this location.

Notes for using the krpano Flash viewer locally / offline

An example of entering a PIN code and saving. Virtual Tuur Arthur van den Enk License: It is possible to smoothly adjust sound by moving slider or rotating mouse wheel. Activate the tab by clicking Open video.

It is possible for KRPano to encrypt your content so that if someone attempts to pirate your work it will just be a jumbled mess and unusable. There it would be necessary either to disable the integrated Flashplayer by using krpaon url – chrome: Clicking on the name in the list takes a look at this hot spot and activates it.


Hotspot appears in the center of the window with a pre-selected image.

Arrows Plugin Inspired by a streetview. Example in 3D tour. Parameters that have krpqno states on or off switch by clicking on button. The poster image must have the same pixel size as the video itself! To apply the settings, just reload the settings page. Its variables within the program can be edited through using the XML scripts.

KRPano supports different panoramic formats such as cube and cube stripe images, cylindrical panoramas, partial panoramas, flash images spherical panoramas, panoramic videos, QTVR Video files. Clicking on hotspot will start to play file, the icon “speaker” will appear above hotspot. Place spots on the map and link them via krpano actions to other panos. Ability to create, delete, copy hotspots. Any questions, just drop a comment below.