Electromagnetic flow converter for combination with OPTIFLUX and WATERFLUX flow sensors. KROHNE 03/ – – TD IFC R05 en. The documentation is only complete when used in combination with the relevant documentation for the . 2. The high-performance solution. IFC is the only electromagnetic flow converter with 3 x diagnostics of instrument, application and .

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Level or Brand Name i. Previously changed data is not saved.

The contents and works in this document are subject to copyright. It may be necessary to activate resetting of the counter in the menu “quick setup”. Electrical connection General Electrical connection is carried out in conformity with the VDE directive “Regulations for electrical power installations with line voltages up to V” or equivalent national regulations.

If the device is not used according to the operating krohje refer to chapter “Technical datathe intended protection could be affected. The cables are factory connected and labeled as follows. Check field current connections. Current not correct, mA output cable has open circuit or load too high.

Mounting Plate, Field Housing Krohne is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of solutions in industrial process instrumentation. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Note the power supply voltage rkohne frequency We hereby krojne that there is no risk to persons or the environment through any residual media contained in the device when it is returned. No data can be loaded from the backplane when replacing electronics. Select the field current and the active GKx values; select GK value see nameplate of the measuring sensor.


You are advised to also connect contacts 28z, 30z and 32z to the external krohhe conductor.

Krohne IFC 300 Flow Converter Manual PDF

If the device has been operated with toxic, caustic, flammable or water-endangering products, you are kindly requested: This also connects the outer shield to the housing. Same signal like other connected status output, signal can be inverted, see below C2. Reference value for on-site calibration; range: Display of the actual level for partly filled pipes. View Contact Call Seller Now.

F hardware detection Existing hardware cannot be identified. Application test or operator action necessary.

For remote signal converters, check the connection of the signal cable. We have flushed out and neutralized all cavities in the device. Parameter or hardware error. Length Of Signal Cable A F open circuit B F open circuit C www. Tag Measuring point identifier Tag no. Switching On The Power Krohhne software user interface Fault revealed by CRC check of operation software.

KROHNE Ifc ALTOMETER Electromagnetic Flowmeter Signal Converter B | eBay

Observe the national regulations for electrical installations! This value is multiplied with the normal flow measurement. The two empty pipe messages cannot appear at the same time. When connecting to functional extra-low voltages, provide a facility for protective separation PELV irc.

Noisy flow indic and flow pipeline is flowing full, C 1. Display when setting parameters, 4 lines Current menu, sub-menu or function Number relating to 1 Denotes factory setting Denotes permissible value range Permissible value krohbe for numeric values Currently set value, unit or function when selected, appears with white text, blue background This is where the data is changed.


Group message, when errors as described below or other influences occur.

This message is for information only. Take note of the voltage data on the nameplate! Remote Version example Aluminium, stainless steel and aluminium sheet, partially polyester-coated Version R 21 TE: Only available if “manual” is set in C5. Also See for ifc Handbook – pages. Tighten the screw connection of the cable entry securely.

In the event any applicable law does not allow such limitations on implied warranties or the exclusion of limitation of certain damages, you may, if such law applies to you, not be subject to some or all of the above disclaimer, exclusions or limitations.

Remove the inner shield S linearity Measured values at both field current levels are not equal.

Remove any shield that is present. Depending on the version, the current inputs must be connected passively or actively!

Krohne ifc 300 Handbook

It is not possible to protect such data completely against access by third parties. Defective or unknown modules.

Connecting Power, All Housing Variants Detection of deposits or coating on the electrodes, temperature and conductivity changes in the medium, gas bubbles or solids, and an empty pipe are good examples of process diagnostics functions.

Electrical connection of the signal and field current cables, field housing 1 Remove the locking screw and open the kfohne cover.