Type PS/79 and PS/80 Pilots – Manual PS/79 and PS/80 DX anuary Rev TM Type PS/79 and PS/80 Pilots INTRODUCTION. Henderson Rigs & Equipment offers this KOOMEY Accumulator Type 80 5- Station Closing Unit at judicial price. We deal in the sales of drilling rigs and other . Henderson Rigs & Equipment offers this KOOMEY Accumulator Type 80 4- Station Closing Unit at judicial price. We deal in the sales of drilling rigs and other .

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Self contained skid package with diesel engine and electric motor each driving a pump, reservoir and controls.

These five components combine with independently powered mud pumps and steel mud tanks resulting in a flexible, fast-moving rig. You can contact us by email abou t your order details, or pl ace order on koomeey.

Allows individual power transmission from either engine to drum shaft or rotary drive.

Provides ample power for hoisting and rotating operations with either or both engines driving. The unit will be equipped to convey and introduce fracturing kiomey, dry chemical products, and liquid chemical products to the process slurry through a well designed and maintainable fluid handling system.


Complete Pressure Pumping Company.

Well Control | American Oilpatch Services

Each power source serves as tupe. The unit systems are detailed as follows: A bbl trip tank with two 3 x 2 centrifugal pumps. The slug, mixing and blending tanks are on one common skid with 2 8 x 6 x 75 Hp centrifugal pumps and hopper dust collector included.

Then we issue you an PI for your confirmation. Solids Controls 2 shakers, desander, desilter and vacuum degasser Tuesday, August 25, Condition: Thursday, November 08, Condition: Engines are tandem-mounted and totally clear all around for easy access and maintenance.

The pump discharge piping includes a Turbine flow meter koomye a magnetic flow meter for accurate measurement of flow rate. Fast line anti-whip guide installed in folding frame. Pressure compensated piston hydraulic pump technology Hydraulic valve stack s to control hydraulic flow to open loop components Common hydraulic reservoir equipped as follows: Mast is extended and telescoped with trailer tractor.

Equipment Seller Detail

Each triplex pump is unitized with a suction tank and dedicated 8 x 6 x 60 Hp charging pump for maximum efficiency. Positioned in a climate controlled drillers cabin, the ergonomically designed system incorporates controls for the drawworks, rotary and typw pumps with rig information systems and control touch screens. After we get the deposit, we start to process the order.


The engine will be accessorized and installed to drive koomwy hydraulic power system as follows: Manual and automated controls will be installed on the unit to allow complete operator control and customized programming for job specific applications and treatment plans. As the hydraulic oil used, the pressure drops down, when the pressure lowers to a certain value, the blowout preventer accumulator unit will renew the hydraulic oil automatically to keep the pressure in a certain high value.

Simple propeller shaft connections at rig up. Mud system has round tanks with flat bottoms. American Block RK Not exactly what you want?

KOOMEY Accumulator Type 80 4-Station Closing Unit

Single Parmac VBO brake assist driven through overrunning coupling. Before production has been finished, we will contact you for shipment details, and the balance payment. Monday, October 09, Condition: Thursday, July 28, Condition: Thursday, January 21, Condition: