Note: This directory must exist, KompoZer will not create it. To include images and other files in the upload, select the box next to “Include. KompoZer is a free WYSIWYG editor to help you build web pages. It includes web file management capabilities found in many paid programs. When you publish your pages to a web server, KompoZer copies (uploads) your pages to a computer that lets others browse your pages. Most ISPs provide.

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Simply follow its instructions to upload your PDF file. Next, click the “Desktop create shortcut ” menu item.

How to Upload and Link to a PDF File in KompoZer and Nvu

If you change the name to some other name, this will not work as expected. For more konpozer on KompoZer please see their website. You can obtain it free of charge from http: For example, when you try to locate a published file by typing the filename’s web address into Navigator’s Location field, you must enter the filename exactly as you created it, using the same combination of uppercase and lowercase letters.

Once publishing is complete, you may or may not receive green checks beside each file, but the Publishing Status should show “Publishing completed. So, instead of “proposal.


KompoZer|Creating Web Pages with KompoZer

Submit a Support Ticket Call: It looks like there are no questions about this page. Clearing Your Browser Cache. How do I cancel my hosting account?

If you have that, use the temporary address to check that your site kmpozer been uploaded properly. How to Resize an Image Using Paint.

If you don’t know how to copy a file and you use Windows XP, click the Start menu, followed by “My Computer” on the menu that appears. There is not enough disk space available to save the file filename. Check all that apply.

Deleting files from your cPanel File Manager. This name is only used by KompoZer internally, to refer to your site, but it’s probably best to use the real name you ultimately wish to give to your site to minimize any confusion later. Then, copy those files to the “” folder.

To run KompoZer, all you have to do is to double-click this shortcut. FTP and File Management Please answer the follwing questions to help us improve this article. kompoaer

Publishing your website using KompoZer | InMotion Hosting

The publishing address specifies the location where documents are published uploaded at this site. Put simply, this means that you probably only just bought your domain name.

Once you’ve got all the details, you’re ready to form the address you have to enter into the “Publishing address” field. KompoZer will proceed to connect to your FTP account uploaad your web host and upload your pages.


If you get an error message from KompoZer, look through the guide above again and recheck all your settings.

A menu will appear. You can use these error messages to help determine what went wrong and what to do to fix the problem.

Designing & Publishing a Site with KompoZer

Once you’ve finished with the title, click the OK button or simply hit the Enter key or Return key on the Mac. If you have followed my main KompoZer tutorial seriesyou will have a copy of your website located somewhere on your own computer.

Note that I’m talking about your own computer, and not your web host’s computer. For the purpose of this tutorial, I will assume that your web host told you that your FTP address is “ftp. KompoZer Tutorial Chapter 2: The subdirectory directory name doesn’t exist on this site or uplload filename filename is already in use by another subdirectory or The filename filename is already in use by another subdirectory.

The article is a general guide on how to upload any file using a special type of program called an FTP client.