Kohomba Yak Kankariya. Most of the Sinhala ritual dances have their legends called Uthpaththi Katha The Story behind the Kohomba Yak. Historypose of the Kandayn danceAccording to the legend, the origins of the dance lies in dance ritual known as the Kohomba Kankariya, which is also known . Kohomba Kankariya was first enacted in Sri Lanka during and , at Jayawardenapura, Kotte. The ritual of God Kohomba, which ought to have been.

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No cleanup reason has been specified. It is recorded in Folk Lore that the name Yaddesagala derives from this incidence. King Mayala then agrees to perform the Shanthi karma dance ritual to cure king Panduwasdeva from his illness. These lyrics sing about the virtues of the animal that the Vanna is depicting. At the same time, a Banana flower is shot with an arrow, as a preventive measure to stop the evil eye being cast on the organiser of the Kankariya.

Fighting with the Drums | Kohomba Kankariya

In the yesteryear, the Kohomba Kankariya was arranged competitively by Chiefs of a village or those in the village who could afford to arrange this ceremony. Vijaya escapes death with the help of the deities. Today the elaborately costumed ves dancer epitomizes Kandyan dance.

Incidentally Vijaya had been leading a wild existence from okhomba to adulthood, and his father, unable to reform him to his satisfaction, decided he had had enough. To these were added samanala butterflymahabo the sacred bo tree, Ficus religiosaat Anuradhapura, said to be a sapling of the original Bodhi Tree under which Buddha attained enlightenmentand hansa vannama swan.

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Kohomba kankariya

Kuveni is soon killed when she encounters her own tribe as she flees, but her children manage to escape. After the performance of the Kohomba Kankariya the illness vanished, and many natives adopted the dance. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Another form of twin Drums called Tammettama [1] used with cane drum sticks. It is not sure therefore whether the affliction is related to a Leopard, or life. It is an all-night event that commences in the evening and continues into the early hours of the following morning.


It is a cultural pageant not to me missed. After the performance of the Kohomba kankariya the illness vanished, and many natives adopted the dance. Now the King of Malaya, who is said to have been thus born, is sought out by god Rahu who volunteers to bring the king of Malaya to Lanka to perform the ritual.

But, of late, many school children have been donned ‘Ves’ after their period of tutelage under a Guru at the School.

This even applies to males who have not performed at the ves mangalaya. Upon meeting Kuveni, Vijaya falls in love with her and Kuveni betrays her tribe to unite with Vijaya, and her tribe is massacred by Vijaya and his followers.

The blessings are expected to manifest only in the location that KK is enacted, so that if any others want such blessings, they too are compelled to enact KK in their own areas, thereby ensuring more people would make offerings to please the ‘Yakka’ devil separately for their well-being! Like ‘Gam Maduwa’ rituals, Kohomba Kankariya ritual is performed to ensure freedom from diseases, invoke blessings and for the people to live in prosperity.

Traditionally a dancer would have to learn to perform all of these vannam before they would be gifted the ves costume. In the original dance, it is said that King Malaya wore golden attire complete with 64 royal ornaments and finery of a Brahmin.

The reason has not been adduced so far. The dancer wears a white cloth and white turban, beadwork decorations on his chest, a waistband, rows of beads around his neck, silver chains, brass shoulder plates, anklets, and jingles. Preparation for the ritual commences three months in advance and each step of the preparation is performed with veneration. The first such donning of ‘Ves’ in a school was Kingswood College, Kandy.

Failing to take her revenge Kuweni went to a Rock near Kurunegala and curses Vijaya. The two drumskins are believed to have been given by the god Iswara, and the sound by Visnu; the instrument is said to have been constructed acco.

History pose of the Kandayn dance According to the legend, the origins of the dance lies in dance ritual known as the Kohomba Kankariya, which is also known as Kohomba yak kankariya or Kankariya. From that day onwards, the Kohomba Kankariya started in Sri Lanka. Traditional dance masters believe that originally the King Malaya the king of “Malaya rata” and his two brothers performed the first Kohomba Kankariya. Only toward the end of the 19th century were ves dancers first invited to perform outside the precincts of the Kankariya Temple at the annual Kandy Perahera festival.


The performance continues without any break for nearly 12 hours. Dancers in Ves costume make elaborate presentation to the, sound of deep sharp vibrant throbbing of Getaberaya a Kandyan Drum.

Legend goes on to say that Kuveni comes to Vijaya in the form of a Leopard and tries to kill him. The king kamkariya his army chased behind the wild board up to Hantana in Kandy.

Fighting with the Drums | Kohomba Kankariya | කොහොඹා කංකාරිය… | Flickr

God Sakra asked Rahu to perform the duty, taking into consideration his prior deeds. She leaves with her children, but in her distress she curses Vijaya and his descendants thereafter. But today it has been widespread to other parts of the country. kaniariya

Dancers in Naiyandi costume perform during the initial preparations of kohomna Kohomba Kankariya festival, during the lighting of the lamps and the preparation of foods for the demons.

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Since then it has been repeated in most schools where Kandyan Dancing is taught. There are only a few performances of the Kohomba Kankariya now due to many social, economic and political reasons. His successor King Panduwasdeva however is afflicted by the curse and dreams of Kuveni in the form of a Leopard, whereupon he becomes seriously ill. Then next, he could be drawn into kankqriya Island.

The king was said to be suffering from a recurring dream in which a leopard was directing its tongue towards the king, believed to be as a black magic of Kuweni, the first wife of the king Vijaya. King of Malaya or Prince born out of a Flower having agreed, performed various rituals including. At the end of the Kohomba Kankariya, the dancer depicting an Elephant, is led away to break into a store.