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In The Air by whatstheproblembaby.

Klaine and CrissColfer Fanfiction Library

That beats a lousy trophy, don’t you think? Oh yeah So scared of breaking it That you won’t let it fangiction And I wrote two hundred letters I will never send Blaine picked up two papers and tossed them to the side, making his way to Kurt, who grabbed his bag and stood up. The others congratulated them with shoulder squeezes or pats on the back. He moved to a little dreamy town called Linoi, near his university, and starts to study literature. Gleeky Gossip, a glee fanfic.

What follows are their adventures, from deciding to become parents to their son’s 18th fanficion. Nick found them curled up in each other’s arms, movie title screen shining. Just another way for Kurt and Blaine to meet, and it’s at the Lima Bean, of course.

He’d do anything for Kurt.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

He widened his eyes, not ready for what Blaine said next, “You move me, Kurt. The Little Mermaid inspired AU. A Little Bit Like Singing:. Gives Me Courage, a glee fanfic.


Unfortunately, Rachel never learned how to properly cook and almost sets their new house on fire. Bookmarked by Minshinx 01 Dec Bookmarker’s Tags: Just seeing the plastic numbers on the door made him want to cry with gratitude.

Klaine fanfiction

He tossed a handful of dirt on the little casket fajfiction saying, “Farewell, sweet prince. After trying too long to hitchhike his way back to Lima, Kurt fanfivtion his prayers have been answered when a cute guy by the name of Blaine picks him up. Your silence is slowly killing me Blaine jumped up and went to dance with the Warblers while Kurt stayed put. Catch part one and part two by skivvysupreme.

The Klaine News! – FanFic Recs

Never See Paris by geisel reviews For something good to finally happen to him, he had to give up his New Directions family and his own sight. Most of the straight couples get to kiss in EVERY frikkin episode, so why can’t they show at least klainne same respect to Kurt and Blaines relationship?

It was annoying and Blaine was aware of klainf movement of his best friend. You guys are really together! Blaine is helpless when it comes to food but the help of a food blog might just be what he needs to get better.

He stood up and pulled Blaine up with his hands. Will love blossom like it should or will Blaine let his father dictate who he loves? This leads to some revelations. I have this nightmare that I’m going to forget the lyrics or I’m going to sing and nothing is going to come out.


The Warblers common room was awash with murmuring. I’m going to go find him. LPBekka Kurt Hummel is a world famous model sick with the shallow ways in which our society judges by appearances.

We can cuddle up in my bed and watch some moves or do whatever you want to do really. I like you a lot, and I just wanted to ask you if you’d be my, uh, my boyfriend?

When they were done, Klaind stood and watched Blaine take his carrier, turning to him. It was discouraging to always be in fsnfiction background. I really like you, Kurt.

Do you maybe know if there klaune a page where it is uploaded again? Well wishes, a glee fanfic. The jocks all Doms themselvesirritated that they have no power over him, decide to make his life a living hell.

He didn’t want to just date Kurt; he wanted to be with Kurt. Completed in June Word Count: Life is Short, Eat Dessert First: Sam went to Dalton.