Wole Soyinka. Filled with ironies and personifications, Soyinka uses the Although Abacha had died in , King Baabu has a strong. : King Baabu (Modern Plays) (): Wole Soyinda: In the manner of Alfred Jarry’s Ubu Roi, Soyinka develops a special childish. Soyinka re-enacts history of a nation as he premiers his new play, Wole Soyinka ignited the Nigerian stage with his new play, King Baabu.

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By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Mariya, Baabu’s wife could be the wife of the late dictator. Sotimirin ended his remark an a religious note, saying anyone who watches King Baabu will become born again.

You telling me this pinnacle of achievement not deserve long repose of mind? Problem is-parade grounds are not fertile, just like golf course.

In the manner of Alfred Jarry’s Ubu Roi, Soyinka develops a special childish language for his cast of characters who have names like Potipoo and General Uzi. He also used light and music to show effects. He too Secretary-General before you not so? The situation appears worse in King Baabu because no one is ready to take responsibility. A postcolonial reading of Soyinka’s A Play of Giants and King Baabu, therefore presents miscegenation of temporal spaces in a way that approves the complexity of the term and exposes not only the intra frictions but also the tendencies and tensions between the temporal spaces of the ex-colonies and former masters.

Soyinka lives up to his billing reaching for his rich, private arsenal of words and couching the appropriate words for every situation is in need of such. To contact the copyright holder directly for corrections — or for permission to republish or make other authorized use of this material, click here.

Julie Rivkin and Michael Ryan. A Play of Giants. John rated it really liked it Jul 29, Yasmin marked it as to-read Dec 10, Yet in your heart of hearts, you despise him. Salawudeen marked it as to-read Jun 06, The underlining agenda of the despots in these plays is to perpetuate their hold on power. This certainly would not be off target as tyrants still occupy leadership positions on the African continent.


The subscription to graft by these groups not only explains the “scar” that successive irresponsible governments have inflicted on the life of Guatu people, but also exposes the insen-sitivity of the so-called leaders of the pressure groups to the plight of the masses. Queen marked it as to-read Nov 17, His satiric comedies, soynka exemplified in the plays to be discussed in this paper, are triggered by an impulse of nationalism that offers interpretations to the dilemmas within and outside his indigenous space.

All known to the general public of Africa and Nigeria most especially, that the initiation of coup d’tat is one of the top gravest mistakes Nigerian leader ever made and one of the most thoughtless flaws Nigerians ever embraced.

So we need more fertilizers.

It through the stage calls all those seeking public offices to shun corruption, uphold financial probity and to serve to improve Nigeria. It is very simple and straight forward. Chiamaka marked it as to-read Nov 01, Now that the Divine Ruler has seen fit to place the reins of this nation in our hands, we must move to earn the trust of the people, and of God.

About a century after Ubu Roi, history, like a recurring decimal, repeated itself on Monday via the literary giants’s artistic hand. This unfortunate experience not only accounts for what Soyinka summarizes as “the open sore of a continent”in his essay of the same title, but also gives an obvious impression that Soyinka, in these plays, embarks on an excursion that reveals how the self-inflicted horror of power games have precipitated the degradation of human values on the African postcolonial landscape.

Batey’s name appears derived from “bat”, a mammal whose wing-like features of a bird make in folklore the embodiment of chicanery, duplicity, lies and deceit.


King Baabu – Wole Soyinka – Google Books

Lists with This Book. Though, through the advice of the wife Tessy Brownthe brother-in-law Seun Kentebi and other lieutenants that surrounds him, King Baabu cleverly eliminates those that helped him get to power.

Perspective on Wole Soyinka: Not only these, fetishistic options substitute logic, redundant offices and white elephant pet projects like that of the first Lady and “Better Life for Frugal Women, respectively, in King Baabuare floated, assassinations, extra-judicial killings, money laundering and other international crimes are equally rampant.

No trivia or quizzes yet. I’m trying to explain. Soyinka reveals the nexus between subversion of people’s rights, abuse of power, and lame intellect of leaders in these plays.

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Soyinka expresses his mind thus: Early Modern and Renaissance Plays: Blickstein marked it as to-read Apr 10, Reflections of African Literature Governance and Development. But in any case, we did not create him- the British did. Although the tempo fast at times, and may as well conclude that Soyinka makes a break from the past tradition of difficult stage direction as in a play like A Dance Of The Forest, where the audience shuttles between the world of the living, the dead, the yet-unborn and the spirit.

King Baabu satirizes the quotidian nature of corruption in the fictive nation of Guatu which has been under siege of four successive military governments of Generals Uzi, Rajinda, Potipoo, and Basha Bash. This has possibly the ugliest front cover I’ve ever encountered. Their vulgarity, garrulousness, and poor command of language is set side by side with their incompetence, poor sense of political economy and evil nature.