Killing Rage has ratings and 49 reviews. Thedailyloaf said: quite possibly one of the most disturbing books regarding the Troubles. it is the autobio. Some time in the coming weeks Eamon Collins would have received compensation for injuries received when he was knocked down by. Co-written by former journalist Mick McGovern, ‘Killing Rage’ tells the story of Eamon Collins’s short but eventful life in the IRA during the late.

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I got through this eventually. Northern Irish history buffs. After his confession of involvement in IRA activity, Collins became an IRA – in contemporary media language – ” Supergrass “, upon whose evidence the authorities were able prosecute a large number of IRA members.

After several years in Dublin, he subsequently moved to Edinburgh, Scotland for a period, where he ran a youth centre. Notify me of new comments via email. But I understand how difficult it is to leave behind something that has defined exmon for so long and that still shapes your worldview in many ways.

The book itself is amazingly honest. His family had lived for generations in the Camlough area, near Newry, Co.

Killing Rage

I was very disappointed with this book. He would have us believe that he and only he, Eamon Collins, can accurately tell the story of the “real” IRA. The three rating reflects the quality of the writing more than the information written about.

He never excuses his violent, murdering past and explains his motivations with startling insight. Killing Rage is a window into the thinking of one person involved in the IRA. He was a small man with a big mouth, a big ego and an antagonistic personality.

Collins has this deeper level of backtracking that just put me off. The Broken Elbow January 8, at The IRA order exiling him from Ulster had not been lifted, but with a formal ceasefire from the organization in operation ordered by its senior command, and in the sweeping changes that were underway with renunciations of violence by all the paramilitary organizations in the province that had followed on from it, he judged it safer to move back in with his wife and children who had never left the town.


So even though he becomes a terrorist, you sympathize with him Talking to the Enemy.

Killing Rage by Eamon Collins

It’s not about how the army could jam detonator rag. Collins apparently had a kiling wish. When you get to the end you’ll want to read it again. Obviously, it is a profoundly depressing read, not least because Collins was beaten to death presumably by IRA, although it’s never been confirmed two years after the book was published. I don’t take a side myself, but in doing a lot of reading about it lately, I have noticed it’s very rare for a Republican to do this.

It says it all. It was the first book I’d voluntarily read in a long time, and it so interested me and enlightened me that I took a renewed interest in reading and in educating myself on a variety of subjects. Retrieved from ” https: Nov 24, Erin rated it liked it Recommends it for: I hated this book.

Oct 17, Alene rated it famon it Shelves: Murphy lost his libel case against the Sunday Times. Rumoured reasons behind eamin murder were that he had returned to Ulster in breach of the IRA’s banning order, and further he had detailed IRA activities and publicly criticized in the media a multiplicity of Irish terrorist paramilitary splinter groups that had appeared after the IRA’s ceasefire, and that he had testified in court against Murphy.

This was rather like going up to a sleeping ramon and sticking pins in it. He recalls that as a middle class Catholic, he always ate good meat. Excellent look at one man’s journey during the Troubles, from teenage radical, to PIRA footsoldier, to nutting squad thug to supergrass. C Kioling, 3 October Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.


Killing Rage – Eamon Collins, Mick McGovern – Google Books

He was acquitted and released after spending two years in prison. Email Print Facebook Twitter Reddit.

No trivia or quizzes yet. When the Australian TV personality Steve Irwin died, having been stung by a stingray, it was very sad. Jan 27, – Eamon Collins, 45, raage beaten and stabbed beyond recognition on a country road just outside Newry a short distance from his home in a suspected revenge attack for turning supergrass.

Aug 13, Jurgen Maerschand rated it really liked it.

Eamon Collins murder: police arrest man in South Armagh

Their Justice and Ours. What are the causes, and consequences, of a person that crosses the line to use violence to achieve political means? The book sucks you in so that you sympathize with the man during whatever period he describes.

Also a bit disturbing samon detailing his indecision on rae what he’s doing is right, wrong, and he simply doesn’t seem to care to make the choice. In contrast, this author is the only one I’ve come across from the Republican side who really lets people in.

If you really listen to their accounts, there’s something quite impersonal about them. Very in-depth look at the IRA death squads from a man who used to be in them and was assassinated for speaking out against their terrorism.