LA BELLE VIE > ~RESOURCE CENTER~ > Fashion Style & Personal Image > Style & Image Systems/Methods >. Metamorphosis (David Kibbe). Forums: Topics. David Kibbe’s Metamorphosis has 25 ratings and 1 review. Debbie said: Kibbe offers a unique approach to personal style by combining body line, coloring a. Archive of ‘Kibbe’s Metamorphosis’ category This began to change a little when I realized that all of David Kibbe’s palettes go pretty bright.

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Kelly rated it it was ok Aug 01, And where you are on this continuum may change with body changes like weight gain, as I mentioned above, or pregnancy. Most people try to figure out their Kibbe Image Identity in the dressing room.

After something like a year and a half of having it sit unfinished in my drafts folder, I finally finished the guide to the Soft Dramatic Image Identity. So if you are confused about where you would fit, think about what you are insecure about.

One of my passions is fashion, as you all already know. Does it work with your other style system discoveries? Your Image ID is a framework, and you place your own style on top of it.

My hope is that these essence articles will help people who have no idea who these people are to understand what Kibbe is trying to communicate with his list of celebrity examples. I already have more than enough requests, so if you are interested in this service, please email me at hello stylesyntax. A lot of this stems from fundamental misunderstandings of how the system itself works, of course, but another part of it lies in resistance to your Image ID. But if you read the book over and over, you start to get an intuitive sense of the Image IDs.

I like the definition from Dictionary. In other words, we come to this process basically knowing the answer, and we cycle through types as an attempt to deal with this, or we have a distorted view of ourselves to begin with and this process forces us to see ourselves as we actually are, perhaps for the first time. You can express any look you want within your Image ID.


The style comes from you.

Kibbe’s Metamorphosis | Style Syntax | Page 3

I was in the middle of a major move, and my mind was occupied with other things. I asked some other Flamboyant Gamines kobbe they thought, and the consensus seems to be that when skinny, an FG can borrow more from straight Gamine, and maybe even some from Soft Gamine.

This will be an ongoing project for the next couple of weeks, but it will be worth it. Follow me on Facebook and Pinterest. I think you can get a hint of how Zyla works when you look at his palettes. You are the ultimate judge of what works for you. Part of this confusion is, of course, due to the idea that Kibbe has gotten rid of the middle types.

David Kibbe’s Metamorphosis: Discover Your Image Identity and Dazzle as Only You Can

Excess weight usually collects from the waist down, rarely above. A lot of black and white, graphic geometric prints, and so on.

Svetlana Pod marked it as to-read Jul 15, They are smaller than other palettes, only a select few colors. The Theatrical Romantic before and after from the book.

kibe And when I went back and looked, the things that resonated could be found in the Flamboyant Gamine recommendations as well. This is why we often see women who see themselves are more yin than they are or vice versa—as David says in the chapter, the grass is always greener. Like many Gamines, I have a tendency to go entirely to the yang side, and T1 reminds me to add back in more yin.

expressing your truth blog: Kibbe Quiz

Segerstrom Type 3 rated it it was amazing Jun 03, So far, the Truth is Beauty website has been one of the best ones for explaining the Classic archetype and the Soft Classic Romantic Classic subtype.

Gartenkatze rated it it oibbe amazing Nov 04, L Marie rated it liked it Jan 13, The measuring tape gave me this result, so I could never look at yang types. Finding out where metamorphsis belong, and then putting yourself somewhere else, is masochistic. Anna marked it as to-read Mar 16, It is not a box. He wrote the book to enable women to do it for themselves. Anna marked it as to-read Apr 30, Good face collages exist already; you can find them on Google Image Search.


Apparently, Kibbe has metamorphlsis people who have gone to see him in the past couple of kibne that he no longer gives people these designations.

So the next guide will be to Romantics. I think the answer is that neither of them, in this case, would be wrong. In fact, that is why I spent so much time considering Soft Gamine. You figured out your Image ID.

I have broad shoulders and wide, flat hips with angles in between. At thinner weights, I think FGs can pull some things from Gamine. We know what issues we have dealt with kibb entire lives in terms of self-image. Melinda Smith rated it really liked it Feb 27, Getting dressed is so much easier now. Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 Next.

You will look at the celebrities in the book and recognize yourself in them, and feel proud to have entered such a pantheon of beautiful women. And then there are so many limiting and flat-out incorrect ideas about what a head-to-toe outfit for a certain Image ID is going to look like anyway. But although your test results might show metamorphosi different, in reality, if you are a yang type, you actually probably become even more yang.

So I decided to commission a guide, along with two other women who split the cost with me.