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Rashidun Caliphate

After the Battle of Sufetula the people of North Africa sued for peace. Islam illustrated, annotated ed. For example, the Community went through critical phases of its history in and then in Secondly, the Promised Messiah as explaining the system of Khilafat to be established after him, used the wording of Qudrat-e-Thaniyyahthe second manifestation of God.

Let us remember that day today and take stock of ourselves. Regarding the necessity and the wisdom behind the institution of Khilafat the Promised Messiah as says:. Sharia and Islamic ethics.

This term is not used in Shia Islam as Shia Muslims do not consider the rule of the first three caliphs as legitimate. They conquered the capital, Salamis – Constantia, after a brief siege, but drafted a treaty with the local rulers. It would be a great folly to restrict the application of this promise to a limited period of time. Clad in patched garments made of coarse woollen material, they were not above milking their own goats as they had always done.

Abu Bakr ordered Khalid, who by now was planning to attack Ctesiphonto march from Iraq to Syria with half of his army. The tax was levied on merchandise meant for sale.


Qadis Judges were appointed at all administrative levels for the administration of justice. Nothing happened until the third week of August in which the Battle of Yarmouk was fought.

The protestors returned and Uthman swore that khilagat did not write the order. Muhammad Asad marked it as to-read Nov 21, Knilafat literally, The house of money was the department that dealt with the revenues and all other economic matters of the state. Abu Bakr began with Iraqthe richest province of the Sasanian Empire.

The whole world is well aware of its efforts in the fields of propagation of Islam, education and its work for humanity. At least three out of four Khalifas also have the honour of being mentioned as his successors by the Holy Prophet saw himself. Soon thereafter, Ali dismissed several provincial governors, some of whom were relatives of Uthman, and replaced them with trusted aides such as Malik al-Ashtar and Salman the Persian.

Soon, Abu Ubaidah arrived in June This opposition was led by the Egyptians and was concentrated around Ali, who would, albeit briefly, succeed Uthman as caliph. The army reached Basra and captured it, upon which 4, suspected seditionists were put to death. The Caliphate under Ali emerged victorious and the dispute was settled. The war was primarily between those who supported Uthman’s cousin and governor of the Levant, Muawiyahand those who supported the caliph Ali.

Later provincial treasuries were set up in the provinces. The committee narrowed down the choices to two: This army however could not make it to Damascus and was intercepted by Abu Ubaidah and Khalid on their way to Emesa. The River of Blood”. Hauberks and large wooden or wickerwork shields were used as a protection in combat.


The first four caliphs are called the Rashidun, meaning the Rightly Guided Caliphs, because they are believed to have followed the Qur’an and the sunnah example of Muhammad in all things.

Umar accepted the first two placements but delegated his clan lower down on the scale with reference to nearness in relationship to Muhammad. This event has been narrated by both Shia and Sunni sources. As most of the administrative structure of the Rashidun Empire was set up by Umar, the judicial administration was also established by him and the other Caliphs followed the same system without any type of basic amendment in it. Sometimes, in particular when there were not enough qualified Muslims, dhimmis were given important positions in the government.

Rashidun Caliphate – Wikipedia

The principal officers were required to come to Mecca on the occasion of the Hajjrashixa which people were free to present any complaint against them. Apr 16, Zuhayer Tahir rated it it was amazing Shelves: He is one of the authors of monothelisma seventh-century heresy, and some supposed him to have been a secret convert to Islam. In the famous verse of Khilafat Ch. The imperial garrisons retreated into the walled towns, where they successfully held out for a year or more. Muhammad, Messenger of God.

Ali fought Mu’awiya’s forces at the Battle of Siffin leading to a stalemate, and then lost a controversial arbitration that ended with arbiter ‘Amr ibn al-‘As pronouncing his support for Mu’awiya. The Qadis were not allowed to engage in trade.