Ken Scholes’s debut novel, Lamentation, was an event in fantasy. Heralded as a “mesmerizing debut novel” by Publishers Weekly, and a “vividly imagined. This was certainly the case with Ken Scholes’s short story “Of Metal Men The first two volumes of The Psalms of Isaak (entitled Lamentation. Lamentation is a novel that promises much with its opening scene of the Desolation of Windwir, the wealthiest and most powerful city in the.

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This book was just about perfect summer reading: Dig the treasure out of their soul and hold it to the light.

Ken Scholes – Wikipedia

A brief sampling from the first page of Canticle: The basic scenario is one of control biting the controller in the ass, in a truly awful way, but one that may enable a culture to begin to look to its future rather than its past. This kind of plot is always a schloes for me since I just have a hard time believing that chance ain’t going to screw up even the best long term plans 2. I read this book because Amazon’s recommendation tool recommended it’s sequel, Canticle.

Sure there was a dash of intrigue or two but with these joyless characters it all amounts to nothing. Being the th Tale of Felip Carnelyin. Originally, I saw just one short story.

This is a terrific book. This story had some great ideas, but was told in such a dry manner that I lost interest in it pretty quickly.

Review: Lamentation (Psalms of Issak) by Ken Scholes | Best Fantasy Books Blog

When Tolkien had Legolas pause beside a stream to extol the beauty of Nimrodel it lamentatuon our impression of Middle Earth as a real place. Oh there are many scenes of action buried in the book and if you’re looking for discussions of philosophy draped in fantasy fiction you may not find it as dry as I did.


Anyway, I give it three stars. I loved the writing style of a view from each characters point of view.

Ken Scholes

And why on the side of the Gypsy King? You can watch videos of me and Beth Meacham and me and Jay Lake talking about the book back in the lamwntation days.

They have consequences, and consequences is really what the book’s about, but there’s little fog of war. Robert Jordan tore men to pieces at Dumai’s Well. Some of these problems start to correct themselves in Canticle by far a superior book to Lamentation.

It is the introduction of other participants, however, which brings the lamentatlon to life, as we are seemingly moved around the board as if pieces in the Great Game and whilst the political machinations are relatively straight forward, there are enough complications and twists to keep the reader guessing and entertained.

Without the zings of description, emotion, or passion that drives each person, we couldn’t care less what happens to them. In terms of world-building, it reminded me a bit of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time.

For me, this was a wonderful mix and I look forward to reading more by Mr. Helens, Oregon American male short story writers 21st-century American short story writers 21st-century American male writers. Sure, there’s tons of intrigue, but it’s all entirely contrived; for instance, nobles speak in a complex system of hand signals when they want to make sure they’re not overheard, and yet you never have a reason to suspect anyone’s ever eavesdropping on these people in fact, the one time I can recall someone’s hand signals being “overheard,” it was by a sympathetic character who basically signed bac Lamentation is full of the kind of cliched artifice that gives mainstream fantasy such a bad rep.

Added to that is the premise of a great and powerful city destroyed by an ancient artifact long thought to be nothing but a myth. Neb watched as the two cavalries made another pass before breaking off. I picked up a few places during that rather complex trial scene where there were some POV violations despite how many times I went over it.



And we already know that my view of my own work is…problematic…at times. View all 4 scholees. Thematically, The Psalms of Isaak is one of the more compelling of today’s fantasies, for at its heart is a war of and about information. The series title sounds Biblical but the plot doesn’t. The world-building is effective sholes doesn’t drown in d Ken Lamentatino debut novel is a stunning work of epic fantasy.

Added to that is the premise of a great and powerful city destroyed by an ancient artifact long thought to be nothing but a myth. Archived from the original on The weak secondary cast remains an impediment. Of course, it wasn’t where Ruefello had lived. I loved Isaak the mechanoservitor and Jin Li Tam. An order of monks who have guarded the knowledge of the past are obliterated by a spell as the book opens, one of the nastier bits of that past knowledge although the magic in this book may be science, it’s not entirely clear.

Canticle is also a book of breathtaking set-pieces: The world and conflict are both quite interesting. Want to Read saving…. The “war” that results from the destruction of Windwir is barely lmaentation in by main characters like Rudolfo and is literally viewed from the sidelines by characters like Neb and Petronus—a young orphan boy and an old priest, respectively, who, in some of the most effective passages in Lamentationbegin a campaign to bury the city’s dead.

We seem to be looking at flat stereotypes that fail to endear us to any of the personalities.