Kahi Loa is more than a massage technique. Translated it means – Oneness through the flowing of sacred energy. It concentrates on the skin with the recipient . You don’t want to miss this unique opportunity for the Crystal Coast area! Space is limited! Kahi Loa I Saturday noon-6pm and. Kahi Loa II Sunday 9am-6pm. Nov 9, Kahi Loa Ho’okhi (Mana Healing) represents a traditional form of healing that was used by the Hawaiian masters. Kahi Loa means “long glide,”.

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In October of my travels took me there once again to attend a course in Hawai’ian Shamanism. Passed down by oral tradition through many generations, this practice was part of a sacred healing ceremony and was firmly established in family life.

Kahi Loa – Hawaiian Massage with 7 elements

Massage training for a new career or career development; absolute beginner loz experienced therapists. They enjoyed a particularly close relationship with Nature and perceived All of Life ,oa One, made up of seven vital components or elements, originating from the same source. It was a considered a sacred process that focused on the god within and the enhancement of innate psychic abilities.

The head to toe massage is divided into seven segments, which are first carried out on the back and then on the front of the body, with arms and hands always being worked on last.

Positive Health Online | Article – Kahi Loa – Traditional Hawai’ian Healing Massage

Limiting beliefs as to what a person could achieve were not only disempowering, but weakened ,oa life force and might bring to life the very condition or state they did not want!

They had lao and made use of the healing qualities of plants, herbs, flowers and fruit, but even stones and shells were employed when appropriate. The Wisdom of Paradise in Motion. Within a short space of time, and as if by sheer magic, the tension dissolved, and my body appeared to become lighter.

He enriched it with his own kwhi, too. The recipient may also be advised to maintain a healing affirmation or symbol during the bodywork. At Miami Medical School it was discovered that prematurely born babies in incubators gained weight kaih and were more alert than those treated conventionally. The primary goal of Lomi Lomi is to help recipients remove all sorts of blockages, become more aware of their inner and outer environments, and create loq more harmonious appreciation of themselves and the world around them.


Through contact with those elements, we harmonize the energy, recharge and purify ourselves. Kahi Loha is also a fun experience for kids.

The 19th Century wasting disease “Marasmus” claimed the lives of many orphans before their first birthday and a study undertaken many years later established the link between lack of tactile contact and these babies’ deaths.

Massage becomes a game while their imaginations run wild imagining the kahj elements – you can count on them enjoying themselves without getting bored. Emotionally tired, depressed and unable to sleep, one of the participants offered to give me a massage to help me relax, and I agreed.

KAHI LOA massage with the 7 Elements

It was considered a sacred healing ceremony, requiring not only total concentration and dedication, but also unconditional love or acceptance and forgiveness Healing was viewed as an ongoing process, known to be accelerated and enhanced through living by certain concepts and associated behaviour.

To the ancient Hawai’ians everything was alive and had energy. Kahi Loa is one kqhi the ancient Hawaiian systems of bodywork that falls under the general category of Lomi Lomi. Kahi Loa is therefore a massage of gentle, smooth motion, which leads to a state of the Great Unity. Hawaiian Huna Massage Kahuna Bodywork: The therapist unites with the summoned elements and reflects them in his movements and imagination. Therefore it was frequently used through the Laying on of Hands or by means of Massage, which was also firmly established as part of family life.

To further strengthen their life force and prevent it from weakening, the Hawai’ians utilised the healing energies of everything that Nature in her generosity provided.

Uncommon Touch — An investigation into Spiritual Healing. Kahi in Hawaiian means a light touch, fire and unity. In contrast, tactile stimulation applied by a battery-operated brush did not produce significant effects.


Over the last few years, the demand for massage and other therapies involving touch in one form or another has increased dramatically. This spiritually based form of massage, sometimes called loving hands therapy, represents the best of the traditional spirit of aloha combined with modern wisdom. Kahi Loa is a little known, but, very powerfull ancient vibrational energy modality which was preserved by Native Hawai’ians, primarily from the Islands of Linai and Kauai.

These are often feelings that come from the gut rather than from the mind. Kahi Loa is very well suited for work with babies, those who are recovering from injuries and elders who often are quite fragile and for whom a traditional massage and hands-on treatment is not comfortable.

This incredibly gentle modality is very connected with the Elements as they occur within tradicional Hawai’ian spiritual culture.

Delicate touch is the key ingredient in Kahi Loa. Special forms of this treatment have been developed for women before and after giving birth. In Cornelia graduated from the College of Homoeopathy in London.

This work focuses on the skin, which is the largest organ of elimination in the body, as well as particular body points known as kaomi. Healing Touch has since been introduced into all their hospitals.

Web Development – Logiciel Solutions. It was unlike anything else I had come across before and aroused my curiosity; I wanted to know more about it and was told that what I had experienced was a traditional Hawai’ian healing massage called Kahi Loa. The practitioner holds a space of giving and receiving so that a healing change of mind, body, and spirit can take place in the recipient. The healing powers of plants, herbs, and stones were also used, as kahu as the well-known healing power of touch.

The Hawai’ian belief that Life is made up of seven components is certainly valid. During the procedure, the patient can lie down or be seated.